Question about gel crunch

How do you get rid of it, I so hate having hair that is not touchable.
I keep treading that people sctunch it out but how does that work?..when do you do that?
Is there a routinue that stops the crunchies or a cream that hold better or a gel that doesn't crunch..? Help
I am in search of the same thing

I going to try applying my shea/olive butter as a leave-in and then apply gel.
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hey guys, i had this same problem a while back but now i use FOTE aloe vera gel with aveda universal styling creme for moisture and a bit of honey for hold/shine. if you like the results of your gel but not the crunch, try spraying your hair with a oil/water mixture (1:4 ratio) and that should soften your hair. adding moisture to your gel is key to not having too much crunch.

what kind of gels are you girls using by the way? you guys should check out some coconut oil. spectrum naturals organic coconut oil is a great one to try out.
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I second the use of oil. I started using oil and it stopped the crunch with my gel. I love it.

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Kinky curly curling custard does a good job of not making the hair crunchy. If you put too much it will, though.

I just run my hand over my hair and the crunchiness goes away when I am using other gels.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
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have you tried using activator gels instead of normal gels. i dont get crunches from those
Thanks for all the replies. I have tried several gels, I use Curly custard, it just doesn't have any hold for me. But great moisture, its a keeper but I want some hold so I mixed some Aveda confixor liquid gel..doesn't work to hold my curls (they turn to frizz in the late afternoon). I took it back and got some brilliant retexturizing gel, will try that with the CC. I also got a curl activator gel, no hold it was a clear one, long aid I believe it was. Again frizz by 3pm. Maybe not enough..?
I do use ooil and honey with my leave-in tho prior to the gel. Is that how you do it, the order..?
1.Oil of choice

And then I wait until it dries before touching again, but then I have the crunchies.
The order I do is leave in, oil then gel last. I dont know how everyone else applies, but it seems to work for me especially with ic that is known to dry hair sometimes. I dont have the problem now.

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Using less gel helps. Instead of applying a lot of gel to very wet, soppy hair, try lightly towel drying, or squeeze drying so the hair is no longer drippy, and adding tiny amounts in sections.

I also found adding Qhemet's honey/olive oil reduced the crunch of crunchy gels.
So this morning I used the brilliant gel with equal curly custard and applied in sections on top of my nourish leave-in, honey and oil mix. My curls look much much much better and no crunch at all!
Will see how it looks later today but its the best it had ever looked!
Thanks all, this board is such a savior for me!
One thing that I've found very helpful is to use some kind of polisher on top of the crunch.

When I set my hair with the Fantasia IC gel, it is crispy extreme. Lately, I'll use abuut a dime-sized amount of CurlFriends Shine Gloss. It feels like a polisher (i.e. Smooth-n-Shine Polisher, Fantasia Polisher) and it does have some cones in it I believe. The polisher leaves my curls in perfect tact while destroying the crunch.

Downside: My curls won't last as long (i.e. I normally get like 4 days of hair and it will cut me down to about 2-3)
Hope this helps! ^_^
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