Protective Styling (Does anyone NOT do it?)

I know there's a lot of women who do protective styling but are there women who don't do this? I never do protective styling because I can't leave twists/braids in for a long time.
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I don't do protective styles either. Two to three days of twists or braids are about all I can take and I do them moreso to change up my hairstyle than for protectective styling. My hair does better when its free, usually a shake 'n' go or puff.
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It's pretty rare for me. Unless I'm giving myself a trim, I'm usually just too lazy.
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I am a member of another board and I have participated in a protective style challenge. I started at the beginning of the year and ended in April. I took a few breaks in between, giving my hair a rest by just wearing it loose. I think it is easier to do in the winter. This was my first challenge and I would do it again.
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No...I havent done this. All I do are cornrows, but I highly doubt I would call it protective. I just call it convenient. They are out in a week.
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I mainly wear twists during the fall/winter. I will wear twists for a week and then wear a twist-out for another week.

This summer is the first summer I am just being free with just leav-in and gel.
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In the spring and summer no, but I wear my hair in cornrows for much of the winter, partly to give my hair(and myself) a break and partly because the cornrows do to some degree protect my hair from the harsh winter air.
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I wear my hair out all of the time. Maybe once a month(or every other), I'll do a twists, but I never leave them in for a long time(looks funny-looking). After a few days, I'll take the twists out and wear my hair kinda wild. If I'm in the house, and don't have to go anywhere, I'll keep the twists in until I wash my hair.
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Nope. Prefer my hair out and free. I just do twists as a nite style for a nice twistout in the morning.

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I've only worn my hair out in a free-form 'fro. I don't have the patience or talent to do twists or braids myself, and am very wary of stylists.
I have very thin fine strands so protective styles dont look that great on me, there's to much space if you know what I mean. Scalp everywhere!!!! But ocasionaly I do two strand twists and flat twists in the front and wear it for about a week at the most. I prefer my hair out

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I will sleep in twists but normally hair is out. I wear it in a curly fro/shake n' go daily.
I do tuck my ends at protect them.
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Not twists or anything like that. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I did a twist.

I do wear my hair in a ponypuff or bun due to laziness.

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