Pantene's Relaxed & Natural Conditioner questions

So I read a glowing review on this site about this conditioner and bought a bottle. Result, true love. I used it as a deep conditioner after washing my hair w/heating cap for 30 mins and my tangles slipped right out. Normally my hair is a rat's nest after washing.

Now: I put a dollop of this conditioner in a spray bottle and filled the bottle w/distilled water. I wet my hair w/it every morning, do you think that this will result in damage or dryness in the long run? The result of this spray mixture is spirally coily curls and almost no frizz.

A few Questions: has anyone used this conditioner for a long time? If so, what are your thoughts? did you hair get dried/cruncky or break off out due to the protein in it?

Thanks, MG
I tried samples of this conditioner and it did provide good moisture and great curls, but I also had buildup. I think it would be fine to use on a daily basis, but you may need to clarify from time to time. HTH
Hair Type: 4a/b dense, fine, coily hair. Natural 13 years.

Staples: Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil S & C, aloe vera, almond oil mix, black soap shampoo and bentonite clay.
Thanks imla, clarifying is a good idea.
I second imla and Mayagirl about the clarifying every now and then.

I used Pantene for years until they changed the formula and added protein only then did it make my hair dry and hard to detangle.
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered

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