Bigen hair dye VS. natural henna

Ok, so after reading the henna threads, I'm interested in trying it. I'm scared though because I hear that Bigen (dark brown and black) is henna based and both my mother and cousin experienced hair loss and allergic reactions to it. Are the two remotely the same? Has anyone here ever had an allergic reaction or hair loss from natural henna use?
At first when Nikki started the Henna thread I thought the thread was about Bigen and I said oh heck no I'm not putting THAT in my hair. My mom (2b) used it for years and it made her hair thin out real bad to the point where she can no longer dye her hair anymore. She now has grey hair. I don't think I could go down that gracefully LOL

Since she had such a bad experience with Bigen I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Henna is 100% natural and can make your hair stronger. I'm not sure how much Henna is in Bigen, but my guess is probably next to nothing.
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ITA w/mariag002 i know someone who used bigen before and it did bad things to her hair. her hair eventually started to thin out and became very dull looking. she couldn't even curl her hair with a hot curler because it would not hold any curls. she ended up cutting her hair really short(she had SL hair ). im not sure what's in bigen but im sure its not all natural.

im joining the henna train. i just bought cassia and henna samples.
you can always buy samples and do a strand test first

Thanks for the info ladies. Now the search begins for henna
hmm....i've used bigen with no problems at all...i haven't read the henna thread at all because i was happy with my bigen but maybe i will...anyway just speaking up about bigen. i don't know about others experience but mine wasn't bad at all....
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