I just started going to the gym on a regular basis and after my workouts my hair gets pretty sweaty. My question is, if you work out, do you wash your hair at the gym or do you wash when you go home? And if you wash at the gym, what style do you put your hair in?
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I just started back working out and I got some silky scarves. I don't wash my hair at the gym but I do rinse it there when I can..then I shake it and put the scarve on either as a headband or on top and let the bottom hang know the triangle and tie underneath or over qand go..its really not a style but then I am usually going home..
Someone at the gym told me its good to rinse to just get the sweat out..
cuz it makes it itchy later.
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I will not chop my hair off in frustration this year. I will not..I promise, no braids, no braids, no chopping.
Thanks PJ. I think I'll get some silk scarves too.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."

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