Pictures of 4B Hair

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If this site has been mentioned previously my apologies.

Hair Like Me
Born and raised in Washington DC now living in England.

4a w/3c at nape
BC'd July 2010
Goal: Unstretched Shoulder Length
Routine: co-wash daily, DC twice a week, shampoo once a mos.

My Flickr Set (not hair related)
Great site. Thanks for sharing.
~Hair Goal~


Jo Somebody likes this.
Texture: Fine
Porosity: High
Elasticity: Normal
Density: Thick
Curl Type: 4b

BC on April 20, 2010

She and I attended the same high school she was 2 years ahead of me she has always been a natural...Even when she is home it she sports a big huge natural healthy fro'!!!

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Great pix, everyone!

Love it if you'd upload pix of your own gorgeous looks here!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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