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I have natural 4a hair that is shoulder length. The ends are pretty damaged. I am thinking about getting my hair cut, not trimmed, but I would like to know if any of you have ever tried cutting your hair into a style and how did it work? What I am afraid of is that no matter how I get it cut, it will end up a fro without shape or substance....
I had the T-Boz cut for a while without problem. You need to find someone that knows how to cut curly hair. When it comes to curly gals & haircuts sometimes u just gotta dish out the dough.
Alot of women like Curve salon because its ethnic. But at $225 a cut ethnic my . Plus they use the slice & carve method the same one used by ouidad known to do horrible horrible damage to your ends.
You can try Devachan Lorraine Massey's salon. Theyre great I actually went there for a consultation and will be getting my first curly cut in November cant wait.

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Christo gave me bangs to play with (my photo is in his latest brochure). My stylist in Austin gave me a bob and I have longer layers in the front from the grown out bangs.

You can definitely have your hair cut in a style whether you pay $40 or $400. It all depends on where your hair is now, and what your stylist can do with it.
$225.00 is a lot of money for a haircut! I didn't know the curve salon methods cause damage to the ends.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
Well the method they use is carve & slice. When I googled it and read information on the process as well as experiences from prior curly heads whom had this type of haircut wont get it done again because of the damage. People said their ends were frayed and looked horrific straight.
$200 is Ridiculous when I first read that I choked on a breath.
Uh, no I won't be spending $200 on a haircut. Thanks for the tips. I have a beautician that specializes in natural hair. I think she may be able to cut my hair in a style, but I have never asked her. I thought about cutting the top short and letting the back grow long, which I am afraid will equal 2 parts fro.
That's the non-hair cut I have right now

I had layers cut when I pressed/flat ironed, and they are still here!
I really don't like them either
I had 4" cut in May (straight ends that would no longer revert)
And the short on top-long on bottom is still here
I'm growing my hair out, and would like the top to be the longest layer.
I guess that's why I don't mind the shrinkage, because it hides my layers and uneven cut!

IMO and PE long layers on the bottom and short on top- are not so great for curly hair!
You could end up with one strange looking do!
Thanks for the warning. Maybe it would be better if I had my stylist cut my hair, just cut it even. I thought about getting it ALL cut off, but I hate to have hair that short again. Maybe I should go to a barber. I used to get the barber to cut it years ago and he used to do a great job....
I had a layered/wedge cut but it was a nightmare growing out. The nape area kept growing way faster than my layers in the top so I had to keep cutting the back and eventually cut too much.
For my last haircut, I got an even round afro shape. We will see what my stylist recommends as my hair gets longer.
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