Added to my list of "to buy and try products"
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered
Based on the recommendations from this and the 3c board (although I have no 3c hair), I bought the Jamaican lime & mango catctus leave-in moisturizer to use as...well... a leave in.

First, I do have to say that I love the smell. It smells okay in the bottle, but really smells good in your hair (and long lasting too).

I have real tangle problems w/my transitioning hair, so I was hoping that this would give me the slip I need. I think after I am fully natural, this will be the perfect leave-in for my hair. Currently, it helped a lot, but I did have to also use Organics leave-in mayo (which actually had better slip, I suspect it's has a bunch of cones to do it though). I would definately encourage people to try the product though. I will buy again (and hopefully will be fully natural by that point). My hair also has incredible softness (from which products, I cannot tell you).
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pw: kinky
Hair type: Spongy & kinky texture. Coily & curly strands.
The PJ in me is making a mental note of this product

PW: lovely
Natural 4a/some 4b type hair, Thin, cottony coffee straw coils

Thought I found my HG (KKCC)..its good but Im sure there's better

Curls Milkshake current leave in, Fantasia IC w/Olive Oil gel for smoothing/shine, Curls Goddess Glaze for Twist/Braid outs.
Okay. I finally tried the Mango and Lime leave-in. However, I clarified my hair before using it and I think it may take a few days for my hair to recover. So, I'll give it a few days before I give my final opinion. When I first applied it to my wet hair, it provided instant slip. I was able to finger comb my hair. When my hair dried, it was very soft and full. But, this leave-in does absolutely nothing for frizz or definition - this is strictly a moisturizer. I think I would use this under a gel. I'm wearing my hair in two pocohantas braids right now because I couldn't do anything with it! But, again, that could just be my hair reacting to being harshly shampooed. By the end of the week I should have a more accurate idea of how my hair likes this stuff.
spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.

H is for Henna and Healthy Hair!
Use only the PURE STUFF
*sighs* My PJ nature is writhing in excitement. I'll probably spend the majority of the evening hunting this down....danggit. I'll report it later ^_^

I'm hoping to find this because I havent detangled (like SERIOUSLY) in a long time and I worry that without something with great slip to prevent me from wiggin' out.
4A (some 3C-ish in front)
Thick, coarse, & UTTERLY unruly
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