shingling works!!!

so i finally shingled my hair last night and it works like magic and actually isnt as time consuming as you would think i'll probably do it nightly after i conditioner wash... and i got the perfect curly afro of my dreams better than any other styling method so far so here is what i did:

-shampood with creme of nature
-conditioned with aubrey organics honeysuckle rose combing through with a fine tooth comb
-squeeze water from hair gently instead of towel drying
-massage in qhemet biologics olive cream detangler in sections ( next time i might just mix it in with my gel instead of layering )
-starting from the back section the hair in 1-1.5 by 1-2 inch sections with the rat tail end of the comb i scooped up ic fantasia gel and applied to each section just enough to make it hang ( this is the hardest part to get right because ive tried before with too lil gel and it didnt work and too much makes it too crunchy you have to experiment but you should see a visual diferrence in texture and a smooth loosened feel it should be heavy but not drippy ) comb through from end to roots and then finger smooth it until it forms clumpy coils
-make sure to shape each section in the direction you want your final style and add water to each section before applying product
-ok so now im done with the night styling and honestly i could wear it as is for a pixie look the hair should look pretty uniformly coiled and clumped tightly this is ok it will look very defined but shrunken and as long as you dont sleep rough the set should last till morning i dont cover my hair in any way just sleep on a satin pillowcase and luckily mostly face down but i woke up on the side and that hair was still set great just slightly flattened but you cant tell once the style is finished
-if you feel the hair is too wet to sleep properly diffuse dry it in sections a lil to speed it along
-i choose not to use the hooded dryer and it turned out fine
-in the morning let the shower steam humidify your hair a lil to soften the set
-if any sections are still wet diffuse dry them or the end result will get frizzy
-rub in a lil shine serum and use the concentrator on your blowdryer to quickly blast your hair section by section up and out or down to loosen the curl and shape
-voila the best styling technique ive ever used and to me it feels pretty wash and go i spent maybe 15-20 minutes on my hair at night and maybe another 10 minutes in the morning i think from the curve directions it seems like such an ordeal but i found it less time consuming than twist/braidouts and i like this look better for my curly fro because it shows the pattern of each coil better

on a side note im glad you guys are ok with shingling on another site im on a thread was started on it and like 75% of the responses were so negative because the technique comes from curve and those members are very against silkening but this has nothing to do with texturizing but i think is a great alternative to it i use to have a texturizer and this gives me the look i was trying to get better and healthier the texturizer leaves it a lil too loose for me almost like it went from 4a ( hair type is another no no on that board ) to 3b but with shingling i still have my curls a lil looser and shinier and more defined but still voluminous enough to fro
Congrats! I'm glad it worked out for you. It didn't work for me the first time I tried but I know why.
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I am so happy for you, congrats! Whenever I shingle it gives me perfect spiral curls and coils all over also. Once my hair is completely dry I do try to pull some of them apart to make my hair look fuller since my hair is so short.
I guess when my hair grows out to a good length, I am definitely going to try that procedure. My hairstylist actually two strand twist her hair with gel (she doesn't do the braid outs) has anyone tried that before?
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thanks for your support guys as i said earlier i posted this info on another site and im getting blasted for simply posting a styling technique oh well i guess i new what would happen but tried to be positive...

anyways just posting to say sorry i dont have pictures no digicam and that i slept on it tonight and restyled to experiment with extending the results and it still looks good im sure i can 3-4 days from this style if i want i do prefer to wet my hair daily and as i said before its only about 20 minutes at night 5-10 minutes in the morning ( to me thats not long to others an eternity )...

also i have to restate that i modified the routine slightly so my hair is fuller and softer than the curve results which i like because in the picture their hair hangs more while i prefer an afro i used diferrent products a lil less gel and a creamy leave -in without the hooded dryer so all of these things are factors in the final result

also i think if you take one thing from this process its the applying product in sections and evenly distributing

thanks again guys
lalapixie, I read your post on that other site and it was brutal, sorry! I do not use heat and yes, it can be modified, which is great about it. Also it does not look like a jherry curl because curls do not look like that. I think it goes back to the good hair bad hair thing because it can look like you have a nicer grade of hair when you achieve that style.
Just cause you had so much success, I may try this. It seems like alot of work, but I am curious as to the results. I will probably use IC with sparkelites as well.

I know what you mean about that other site. They can be vicious. I rarely go over there anymore because of that. I lurk more now.
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I want to try this shingling technique but I only have about 4 inches. I'll try it, anyway.

I don't understand the issue about shingling. It's just another styling technique. Why don't they have a problem with twist outs or braid outs? That is making your hair look a way that it would not appear in it's totally natural state. The only thing I can say is people are funny. I loved that site when I first searched for natural hair on the net. Now I just lurk occasionally and look for useful tips.
Ditto what blaqpearl said about that other site. I rarely go over there anymore either. I think they should rename it I didn't read what you posted there, but I know they have a problem when 4bs (or people w/o natural curl definition) try to achieve crispy curls. I personally think people should do what they want with their own hair.

If this shingling works for you then keep at it.
again thank you guys for your support my topic was closed on that site by the moderators guess im not nappy enough which makes me want to switch solely to this site for info because everytime i speak my mind on their in a non threatening way its misinterpreted and im judged unfairly enough negative talk but im glad i found a home and friends here i understand the politics of natural hair but yeah what is the diferrence between shingling and twistouts braidouts dreads or anything else your hair doesnt do alone i mean should we even wash or detangle??? come on give me a break!!!

I agree...we should be able to do what the hell we want with our hair. If we wanna call it nappy or 4a, so what. Its just a classification system. Thats all. Yes and it is nappy. But I am happy with that. It makes me, me. And half the time I cant even access that damn site, since it cant seem to find a better server. [/rant]

Cant wait to try shingling this weekend. I wonder how it will come out having still some relaxed ends. I guess as long as I scrunch the ends it should be okay.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
Certified PJ. I need rehab.
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. . . They closed your initial topic, but they are still talking about it in a new topic!

You really started something over there. I'm glad you found a styling option that gives you good results.

Some people take their hair waaaaay too seriously.
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I made my way over there and read your topic (and part of the new one rainshower mentioned). It's sad that some women will find anything to argue about. We really shouldn't be so hateful to each other. It makes me wonder if a lot of them are really insecure and hate their own hair. I mean why else would they be so enraged because someone found a way to define their own curls. Probably because they want to define their own curls but can't. I remember (back in the day) the founder of that site and some others used to post here with that mess. There was the whole isis1913 mess where she was basically crucified for texturizing HER OWN HAIR. I'm glad they're gone and everyone here gets along well.
I really think you should represent exactly WHY you were blasted on that other site. Yes, there may be some bias to Curve salon and the techniques associated with it. Still, didn't you make a rather inflamatory remark along the lines of " it [shingling] will encourage tighter haired nappies that yes you too have curls that deserve attention"? Did you honestly think that you could go to a site dedicated to embracing nappy hair and telling them that they can transform their naps into "curls that deserve attention?" I think you missed the point of their criticism. It isn't about the technique per se. Rather, it is about the belief that curls are inherently more attractive than napps, which is why the technique is described as turning "kinks into curls." I have no problem with the technique-I use it myself occasionally. But there IS a problem with the idea that napps NEED to be manipulated into curls in order to be attractive.
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I am sorry I said anything about reading her post on that website. Twistouts and braidouts are another form to getting a curly look, if done a certain way it can look like the shingling way. Shingling is just a name for a simple process that has been done by many people ove rth years. The Curve website just put a name to it. I think it all boils down to the good hair/bad hair and that is not what it is all about. I was fooled for years because I thought that the twistouts and braid outs were people with that type of hair which is not true in all cases. Also the Curve website also says that those sytles are also made by doing braidouts and twistsout and using their products.

But there IS a problem with the idea that napps NEED to be manipulated into curls in order to be attractive.
Originally Posted by Portae
I do agree with this.
thanks guys i didnt know another thread was started and shut already so now ive been called a troll insecure blah blah and never want to post there again and now people on here are upset too i never said i was trying to have better hair and one thing i said is being so twisted around so i have no more replies on this subject
Dont stress it will all soon be forgotten.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
Certified PJ. I need rehab.
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Sorry you were put on blast over there, Lalapixie. Just think of it as a lesson learned - never post anything there about curl definition. When I saw that you posted the shingling topic over there, I thought "Wow. She's either brave or she doesn't know what's coming next." I think things can get waay too serious over there at times. I mostly hang out in the Homemade hair products forum and Other Life Topics. Lately, I just lurk usually. Like Blaqpearl said, don't sweat it.
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lalapixie, I read your post on that other site and it was brutal, sorry! I do not use heat and yes, it can be modified, which is great about it. Also it does not look like a jherry curl because curls do not look like that. I think it goes back to the good hair bad hair thing because it can look like you have a nicer grade of hair when you achieve that style.
Originally Posted by knatural31
And herein lies the problem: when you think that some types of hair are nicer than other types. The ethos of the other site is loving your hair exactly how it is and celebrating the fact that natural hair comes in many textures, none of them are better than others, and the curl definition is not the be-all and end all.

If I remember correctly the flaming begun on the other site after the "you too may have curls that need attention" remark.

Anyhoo curl definition is a sticky point over there and the reasons go further than just "hair". That site is more about type 4 hair and the surrounding culture and this site is about all kinds of curly hair.

Anyhoo, I like to lurk on both sites and pick the bits that suit me because at the end of the day it's my hair. If I were to blow bry my hair bone straight, you think I'd go there and talk about it? No, because it's against the rules!

Anyway, I'm still trying to work out what type I am and what the hell my hair will do, my twists are good for 3 days and my this morning's twistout may not last till I leave the office

I'm pleased for lalapixie that she has success with the style, I haven't tried it yet, because frankly I don't know if I want to invest the time and effort if I'm not sure it'll even work in my hair. Maybe when I'm less stressd and the flat hunting is over

So to round up my ramble,

It's your hair do what you think it best for it but respect the rules on either site particularly the fact the chemicals and a curl defining are banned on NP (there I said it!) and freely discussed on NP. Just as there's a relaxer board here and none over there.

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