What are the good aspects of being natural?

personal style- the afro look fits my glam/retro vibe and my face beautifully i always feel the most me with my afro and others feel that too

compliments- i've been fortunate to only receive praise about my hair and i do always standout

sexiness- men love love love the afro never got this much attention with straight hair cause the fro is flattering and very touchable

versatility- i can have so many different kinds of curls and curly styles and can use so many methods to achieve them and can spend as much or as lil time as i want on my hair and still look beautiful and healthy

spirituality- i feel blessed to be 100% natural and loving it

politics- i almost feel militant about what my hair represents and more and more feel the need to convert my sistas ( in a friendly way if they inquire about it )
Sorry if I'm late:
"I look Militant"
I wrote this on Urbanite's webpage...She has great info.

I Love my and Others Natural Hair because:
Our Bold Style(Hair) is REAL among a "SEA of FALSENESS"
I know this is what My Creator has BLESSED ME WITH..
CAUSE You(Men) know deep down You want to Touch, Tug and Caress..
These Strands that Intertwine together like "Lovers at Best"
I'm Real at Heart...
From the Very Start..
In the Past our Mothers and Sisters had to hide their True Beauty!
This is my Crown, My Tiara of Glory...
My coils are True (unspoken) Words to my Story..
Recognize this Prize.
Women of Color...
To Teach others by example..
Not to be shame of what grows
from You like a "Magnificent Flower"
Is Our Duty, our Strength..OUR POWER!
Rock on Lioness (Urbanite) with Your Bad Self!
What U C is What U Get!
Mother to two Jewels: Jade & Emerald
Yeah, what everyone else said, but here's what I love so far(new natural 1 week):

-Not having to worry about the curling iron/blowd dryer every morning
-being able to wash/rinse my hair whenever
-not wearing a shower cap
-feeling free and completely me

What I'm looking for to:
-saving loads of money NOT having to go to the salon every two weeks and the amount of money I will be saving from not relaxing every 5 weeks(to keep up my short cut)
-not traveling with my 3 different barrell sized curling irons/supplies
-not scheduling workouts/events around when to make an appointment
-healthy hair and hair growth
-Not running from the rain!!
-Not worrying about what stlye I can put my hair in and fussing with it, because my hair will make that decision for me!
I can wash when I want.

I could care less if my hair gets wet in the rain.

My scalp doesn't hurt when I am getting new growth.

I don't have to work hard to have a curly look.

I don't have to worry about touchups every 4 - 6 weeks.
Originally Posted by JCrysy
Oh it has all come back to me now. Thanks. Alot more carefree, not afraid to cut it because I know it will still look great and grow back. Don't miss having a sore head from trying to sleep in rollers.
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