What are the good aspects of being natural?

I will start...

I can scratch my head as much as I want and not fear being burned by a relaxer.

I dont know how many times I stopped myself from scratching when my appointment would be couple of days away.
I have kinks, coils and curls on this head.
Certified PJ. I need rehab.
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I can wash when I want.

I could care less if my hair gets wet in the rain.

My scalp doesn't hurt when I am getting new growth.

I don't have to work hard to have a curly look.

I don't have to worry about touchups every 4 - 6 weeks.
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Scatch scalp any and every time I feel like it.

I no longer have to plan hair appointments around big events! This was a biggie!

I only worry about my clothes getting wet in the rain, could care less about my hair!

I don't have to wrap my hair up at night.

I am no longer fighting to keep it straight, and could care less if I sweat in it!

I could continue, but I think I'v hit the highlights
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Yes, the fear of rain or any other moisture.

Lower maintenance-and I thought chemically straightened hair was easier!

fuller, shinier and longer hair

lack of dependency on chemicals and stylists

when is my next fix? I went from from being a lye junkie to being a product junkie!
1. The whole new meaning of the word "healthy."

2. The main concern that arises in sudden showers is the SHOES!

3. The symbolic acceptance that my real hair is perfectly ok.

3a. The potential signal to others that theirs is ok, too.

4. The learning curve around this; I feel really enlightened.
Well, the ones that I've experienced so far at 23 weeks post:

-Not having to schedule a time to get my retouch (I hated going in for that--it would stress me out--did I scratch recently? Will it burn when it get's rinsed out?)

-I can wash my hair more often--when I was relaxing, I would hate to wash my hair because I could never attain the same straightness. Now I don't want to have a straight texture, and shrinkage is my friend--I actually prefer my shrunken ponytails.

-Even with weird looking two textured hair that I wear out, I still get the attention from the guys (they're probably blind though ). I think that being natural (or transitioning in my case) brings out a different impression of me--I think I appear more approachable now that I am with relaxed hair. I think my relaxed hair has been a crutch for me, and each day, I rely on it less and less.

-It's fun--this is the most interest I've given my hair in years! I'm learning so much about my hair and each day discovering something new about what it likes...or doesn't like .
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No fear of the rain
Healthy hair
I have thin/fine hair and my permed hair looked weak now that im natural my hair is fuller with more volume.
Its versatile
I can scratch my scalp
I can wash n go
I enjoy my hair more now

PW: lovely
Natural 4a/some 4b type hair, Thin, cottony coffee straw coils

Thought I found my HG (KKCC)..its good but Im sure there's better

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*your hair probably won't get mistaken for a weave
*people can say "when are u gonna put a relaxer in that mess?"
Supernappy, superbad, "when are you gonna put a relaxer up in that mess?"shrinking breaking TYPE 5 hair that - against all the odds - is growing quite long
I love the curls, kinks, naps, all of that. It just gives more character, IMO. Not to disrespect the straight haired girls, natural or not, it's just my preference.

I love playing with my curls.

I love not having to run to get out of the rain.

I love not having to smell burning hair anymore.

I love not having to smell the relaxer anymore.

I love exploring my natural hair.
Great thread Blaqpearl!

I agree with what everyone else has said.
I'll add:

Finally having really healthy hair.

Going on trips without having to lug a blowdryer, curling iron, and a flat iron.

Not being afraid to work out for fear of ruining my blowout and recent touchup.

More style versatility that I ever had

Greater self-acceptance of how I naturally look.
spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.


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Luv this thread!

- If I'm having a bad hair day, no one knows because they aren't sure how my hair is "supposed" to look
- I can be sure to be noticed in any situation
- People find more than my personality highly memorable
- People see my hair and assume that I am highly approachable (I've been told this and I've noticed it)
- It makes me taller! (YEAAAAAAAA!)

Assorted Amens:
- No fear of rain
- No fear of swimming pools/hot tubs/bodies of water in general
- No need for shower caps
- No need for heating appliances
- No fear of burns (curling iron burns on the ears, relaxer burns)
- Scratching! (YEAAAAAAAAA!) *scratch scratch scratch*
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I was just talking to my bf about this today. I told him I always wanted curly hair, but didnt know that I had curly hair the whole time because I got my first relaxer at 5. And how its great to be natural.

No more scabs on my scalp after a relaxer.
No more trying to schedule my hair appts. around when I workout.
No longer scared of the outside elements(rain, wind, humidity)
No longer trying to avoid getting my hair wet while in the shower
Just no more pain, I have a sensitive scalp, so any chemicals or braids would hurt.

natural since 6/05
I like being different when I walk into a room....full of BLACK WOMEN!!! They try and sneak looks all the time. I love the statement my hair makes
" I accept who I am and I'm proud"


transition journey began 3/04
chemical free journey began 1/05 with BC AT 2-4 INCHES
as of August 6-10inches..making progress
I love how springy my hair is

No more gross burns from relaxers

I get to save money

I have HIF (hand in fro) addiction

I can go swimming whenever I want
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
im free

i love my hair (and so does everyone else!)

i take my time walking in the rain
Being able to sleep on it ...without trying to stay in one spot to not mess it up..

How it feels to me...soft and curly (also how he likes to grab a curl too..wouldn't let him before)

As everyone has mentioned being able to wash it whenever, not running from the rain..being able to sweat !

Being in charge of my hair destiny

HG: WEN Sweet Almond
Ojon RT
Oils (jojoba, olive, sapote, carrot)
Kinky curly custard
Blended Beauty (new fave)
I will not chop my hair off in frustration this year. I will not..I promise, no braids, no braids, no chopping.
I like being chemical free-no more burns

Now I know what my natural hair looks like and I love it

I'm getting to know my real hair

Seeing the possiblities of wearing my hair in different styles without having to go to beauty shop.

Not having to spend 4 hours or more just to get my hair done
1.Natural hair is fun - you can style it as often as you like and it won't shed or break!

2. Getting caught in the rain is fun too!

3. I don't have to carry a crazy amount of hair prodcuts to the gym. Just a bomb and some spritz
For the first time im my life - gasp - I washed (read no -poo'd) in the Health club shower!

4. you can be spontaneous - sleep over somewhere, go on water slide, cos your can sort your hair out easly, if you need to at all!

5. I can get hair stuff anywhere, not just the Afro hair shop.
I love not fighting with my hair every morning, even if I decide to wash or rinse, no big deal!

I love the way my hair feels - so much softer and thicker than it EVER was with a relaxer

I love the newfound health of my hair -- my hair hardly grew with a relaxer, I was a constant wearer of the infamous "T-Boz/Halle Berry cuts"!

I love how my napturality has now encouraged my husband to let his hair grow into a fro now, and he's planning to get twisties later!

I also second Asja's emotion -- i LOVE that I can wear my hair ANYWAY I WANT and no matter what it looks like, nobody says anything because maybe I meant to do that!!!!

This naptural journey has made me love me 100% (not trying to be skinny like everybody else, not following the crowd in the way I dress or things I do, etc). I'm constantly telling my Asian and White (and other African American) friends -- "Love you for you. Live your life like it's Golden!" It's truly been an eye-opening experience.
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walking in the rain and not feeling like I am going to melt when water touch it

having my fiance so excited to moisturize my hair
washing my hair whenever I want
not having to worry about heat on my hair
getting lovely head massages from myself and my fiance
the versatility
the freedom
having people ask how I get my hair in that style
not caring about humidity
trimming/clipping my own hair
feeling the breeze combing through my curls even the tiny ones.
feeling sexier
feeling wilder and bolder
need I go on
combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp

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