Kemi Oyl Conditioning Spray, tried it yet?

Has anyone tried the Kemi Oyl conditioning spray? I just bought some over the weekend and I just love this stuff! I use it everyday and it keeps my hair moisturized, soft and shiney. I also use the Kemi Oyl hair oil also.
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I've tried it and I got mixed reviews.

It did impart moisture and elasticity. But the aroma is nauseating. It's a cloying aroma that's not much unlike smarties candies (which is fine for candy, just not my hair). I hate for my hair to smell like fruit, candy, or potpourri.

What's strange is that every single product they make has the same aroma!
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I use it. The smell does leave alot to be desired, but it is a good conditioning spray, and the aroma doesn't really linger. I actually used it yesterday(since I ran out of my normal leave in) and used it under my aloe vera gel. Came out really nice.
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Love peppermint oil so I added a few drops to mine. I have not noticed the smell too much. a friend of mine turned me on to it and I had never see it before but now I am hooked at least for now, LOL!

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