My hair is Loving...

Aubrey organics Island natural replenishing conditioner. Oooh my lord the amount of softness in my curls is incomparable. Ive applied it twice, the night before on dry hair, slept did my usual morning thing: rinse, one condition, lavender + rosemary spritz, curly custard. and my hair is AWESOME!!! when I rinsed my hair in the shower it felt so soft and when i looked in the mirror my curls looked recharged and greatly defined. This will definitely b my nightly routine twice or 3 times a week.

First One Condition, Then my rosemary & lavender eo spritz, followed by curly custard, and Now THIS!! MY LORD my luck has been amazing this summer. I guess my mothers prayers were finally answered cuz shed black on me everytime she saw a new bottle or jar i nthe house.
I may try this. I really don't know why, Lord knows how much stuff I got under my sink.

Aubrey has some really great hair products. It's always good to see a natural posting about something that did a fabulous job from them.

HAIR TYPE: 4a all over/3c around nape/edges; Last relaxer -4/4/02; Big chop - 4/16/03
PW: flower
I Love this I really do. But Ive noticed my hair likes it applied on dry hair and then rinse out as opposed to wetting hair and applying it.

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