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Do you sleep with your hair "out"? I usually do this when I wear braidouts.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
My hair is shorter now, so this may change as it grows out but I actually sleep with a satin scarf and on a satin pillowcase. It goes back to the days when I used to wear a wrap, when I sleep with a scarf on it seems it keeps my hair more moisturized than when I dont.

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Since I've been transitioning, I've been sleeping with my hair braided and rolled. I may do a braidout or twist out the next day, but I still rebraid it at night. I think this works well for me, given my tangle issues, and unless I happen to wear my hair straight one day or already have it in a style, I'll probably braid it and roll it nightly after I'm natural (when I have enough hair to braid, that is). I also either wrap it in a satin headscarf and/or I sleep on a satin pillowcase.
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It doen't help to try to do anything because one side of my head will always be flat when I wake up. When I wear twists I can just add water to un-flatten them.
i like to sleep with my hair out if i'm doing braidouts i re-braid but i havent done that in a while just for that reason i prefer just redoing a wash and go from scratch in the morning or shingling which lasts 3-4 days
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i sleep on a satin pillowcase and tie on a satin scarf
What is shingling?

Also I'm assuming "braidouts" or "twistouts" is when you braid/twist your hair for a specific period of time, then undo it without comb/brushing?

I don't manipulate my hair at all. I simply cover w. a satin scarf.
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shingling is described on the curve website and in several threads here but for the record i've returned to braid/twistouts check the routines thread for more info
how does the satin or silk help? i use it sometimes but my hair still is dry in the morning.

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It helps me because my hair doesn't get matted. I've been lazy using it lately so today I'm gonna have to detangle for a loooonnnnggg time!
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
no matter what i do my hair gets matted. i'm sleeping on a satin pillow case now but only because it's black and my dh's pillow case is black as well and the bed must match!

4a with some 3c around the edges
95% of the time I sleep with my hair covered and in some kind of protective style. My hair gets tangled if I don't.
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My hair is a type 4 with precious little coil definition, and it is off black and almost completely virgin.

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I almost always sleep with my hair twisted and covered with a scarf. The only time I sleep with it out is if I know I'm going to wet it the next morning, and then I still wear a scarf.
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I always sleep with a satin scarf...the only problem is is that it tend to fall off as I sleep.
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I'm transitioning and I sleep with my hair in 2 braids.
I usually sleep w/ my hair out. Wouldn't necessarily recommend it, though!
i put it n four cornrows and rub some ojon deep treatement into it... after i finger comb it, then wear a silk scarf. i thin ktht routine is what is standing between me and a bird's nest.
Nope, It's either in a puff or an updo of some sort. I cover it with a satin scarf or bonnet and go to bed. If I wore it 'out' to sleep, I'd get tangles.
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I made silk pillowcases but it'as kinda useless since I sleep in a hat...it's just too cold to sleep bare headed. My silk scarf keep safalling off. Do you recommend pinappling or braiding?
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