Check out this lady's hair site!

She has INCREDIBLE hair, and a book due out this fall. I am in awe. I read an interview where she said it took 5-6 years to grow her hair to this length.
Originally Posted by mikievora
I came across her site recently and I was in awe as well! Not only is her hair amazing, but her routine has worked WONDERS for me. I switch it up a little and mix glycerin and gel with the conditioner as I brush. I wish I had a digital camera. Maybe I'll stop being lazy and save up for one!

Worse still, from all the conditioner I left in my hair, by the time it dried, it was greyish and each time I touched my hair a light layer of snow covered my clothes. .
Originally Posted by jeamaria

i get that when i leave condish in my hair I thought it was the brand that I was leaving
Originally Posted by celeste821
Did you use leave in?

I like her idea of letting the curl divide naturally. Also, her hair might look looser because it is longer.
4a/Fine Strands/Medium Length/Low Porosity (still editing)

My product routine is currently a work in progress.

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