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Do you go to a natural hair salon or any salon? I've never been to a natural hair salon. I tried looking around and one that I found dealt specifically with locs.
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I focus on the stylist - not the salon. All the ambiance and marketing in the world can't change the talent of the person with the scissors.
I haven't been to a "natural hair salon," but the salons that I've been to recently seem to be experienced w/ both relaxed and natural hair. Actually, I've only been to a salon twice since going natural - once for my big chop (she did a good job of finger styling my curls) and once to get my hair straightened (stylist got it really straight and silky, and didn't seem intimidated by my hair - the girl whose hair she pressed before mine also had natural hair).

Having said that, I am kinda curious about natural hair salons. I did a quick search a couple of days ago and most of the salons I came across seemed to specialize more in braids, locs, etc (I just want to wear mine out and curly). There must be tons of natural hair salons in nyc though - anyone have any recs?
I'm in the DC metro area, (MD to be exact - 5 minutes outside of DC) and the natural salons that I have come across assume that you want braids, twists, etc. I have not come across anybody who styles hair curly.
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