Gels Without Alcohol?

Can anyone recommend gels that do not contain any alcohol? I used to like let's jam but it has mineral oil.
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have you tried fruit of the earth aloe vera gel? its aloe vera gel but i use it on my hair
Ahhh, I'm such a dunce. I have FOTE and lily of the valley
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
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yeah try them. i keep on going back to my FOTE after trying all other types of gels
hey guys, i second the aloe vera gel. i just can't live without it. it's so versatile with other products. i finally tried the ORS lock and twist gel and i wasn't impressed ohh well, for $3.99 at target for 24 oz of FOTE gel, i'm definately sticking with it add some honey to it and you'll see the difference it makes
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fantasia IC w/ it!! Good product. It can be to heavy for some and a little goes along way. Its great for smoothing edges and definition also..

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Natural 4a/some 4b type hair, Thin, cottony coffee straw coils

Thought I found my HG (KKCC)..its good but Im sure there's better

Curls Milkshake current leave in, Fantasia IC w/Olive Oil gel for smoothing/shine, Curls Goddess Glaze for Twist/Braid outs.
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yeah the ors lock and twist gel sucks. and the fantasia IC is also good but like the PP said, it can be too heavy

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