Our Hairtype and Other Ethnicities

At school, I notice a lot of people (mainly Jewish) who appear to have 4a/4b hair. One of my friends has hair similar to mine and we always talk about what products we use and now she uses shea butter and she loves it!
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
i know this Jewish woman who wears micro braids. I was told by co-workers that this woman has"hair like ours" (read: 4a/4b hair) and she was hiding it by wearing braids. I had to laugh because the braids were really bad.
You use coconut oil also - is this good for moisturizing? I use the shea butter but want to know if there is an alternative. Moisture is very important to my hair. Thanks.
4a/4b -
It's a shame she feels she has to hide her hair. Doesn't she know it is beautiful?! She needs to learn to live with it.
4a/4b -

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