Grow Out Challenge!!!

I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a grow out challenge with me? I've just started to transition so I'm trying to get lots of natural hair. I just trimmed 1" off so my hair is currently 20-1/2" from my hair line down the back to the ends. I am 7 weeks post my last relaxer.
Hey lover (ok sorry, I couldn't resist)

What would the challenge consist of?
Natural pics:
pw: kinky
Hair type: Spongy & kinky texture. Coily & curly strands.
Posts: n/a
yeah what do we have to do while partaking in the challenge?
yeah,whats the rules??? I might be willing to try...

PW: lovely
Natural 4a/some 4b type hair, Thin, cottony coffee straw coils

Thought I found my HG (KKCC)..its good but Im sure there's better

Curls Milkshake current leave in, Fantasia IC w/Olive Oil gel for smoothing/shine, Curls Goddess Glaze for Twist/Braid outs.
Yeah, I wanna join too! Do we have to anything special?
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
possibly...I'm on a mission to grow out my twa! What are the terms?
I'm in. The challenge for me is just staying away from the scissors. I get frustrated with my hair and cut it all off. I'm determined not to do that again. No terms for me- except being good to my hair.
Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1
I know this sounds crazy, but is it "safe" to grow out your hair without at least a trim. I know my hair usually gets split and dead ends. I heard the split ends can split all the way down to the shaft. How about a compromise on the grow out? Cut no more than 1/4 inch? I would like to join the grow out, but I guess I am a little scared....

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