How do you protect your hair at night?

As a child our mom always made us "tie our hair up"....basically a cotton bandana or scarf which we folded into a triangle and taking the three corners to the back to tie in a knot.

Now, I would never wrap anything cotton around my hair. My satin scarf has been with me through thick and thin, and it has started getting threadbare and holey. I got a new satin scarf from Sally's, "Magic Satin Wrapping Scarf". It's not as large as my old satin scarf, but it does the job. It also doesn't slide as much as my old scarf.

How do you protect your hair when you're sleeping?

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satin sleep cap
when all else
I also use the satin scarf. Usually I put my hair in two afro puffs, two fat two strand twists or eight then tie it with the satin scarf.
Scrunci puffs and sleep on a silk pillowcase.
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I've had the SAME satin scarf since I was a freshman in college (over 8 years ago)....and it's still going strong....LMAO!!!!
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Are there any suggestions for shorter length hair? Especially to increase the chance of getting wearable 2nd day hair? I find that whether i put my hair in two puffs and tie it up or not, I still have a flat/matted mess in the morning that needs water, conditioner and detangling immediately....
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I use products on 90% dry hair.
Wash: Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap.
Conditioner: Tigi Bedhead Moisture Maniac/Suave Humectants
Moisturizers: Long Aid
Styler: Ecostyler Clear/ Vitamin E Oil

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