Deep condition on dry hair

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I just did this earlier tonight as an experiment. Applied conditioner, combed through, put on shower cap, warmed a towel in the dry and wrapped around. Left it on for an hour. My hair is really soft, feels very moisturized, spirals curls with lots of bounce & body.

I usually do DT on wet hair, but this was much more's a DO!!
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Hmm, I may have to try this.

Would the hair have to be product free before attempting the dry method of DC'ing? I'm just thinking that you may force product into your hair that you may wish to rinse out due to build-up.

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Hmm, I may have to try this.

Would the hair have to be product free before attempting the dry method of DC'ing? I'm just thinking that you may force product into your hair that you may wish to rinse out due to build-up.
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As i said before You can use it on dry unwashed hair with build up.But i think dry washed hair will be better because that hair will be product free and it will absorb the DC more than if your hair isn't washed and it's coated with product.But both ways are good though .You can try both
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I do.I apply my DT on dry clean hair.My hair reacts better to it.It's like a sponge.When the sponge is dry it can draw lot's of water but when it's wet not that much.Give it a try and see if it works for you too
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That's a good way of putting it...I may try make sense.

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Deep conditioning on dry hair can work because at that state your hair is "dry". I always thought when I deep condition on wet hair, the hair already soaked up the water from the wash so my conditioner is just pretty much laying on top of a quenched hair.

I'll try the dry method next time just to have my own comparison. I don't use a lot of products on my hair anyway...mostly a spritz so I'm not concerned about having to get rid of a ton of buildup.
There's only one con to this method (for me anyway). When saturating dry hair with conditioner, you're going to use more product.

Other than that, it's great! Great for detangling, since the hair maintains it's stretched-ness. It's like the conditioner weighs it down. I slap a plastic bag on top for a few hours, and I'm good to go.

It's great when you've had a protective style in for awhile. This method softens the hair and makes the whole process easier.
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I've deep conditioned on dry hair and had great results. This weekend I made a mixture of molasses, olive oil, and mayo and put it in my hair when it was dry. I braided it into four sections and left it in my hair for 1.5 hours. The braids got a little hard but that was ok. I rinsed it out and my hair was VERY soft. I did a low poo with a gentle cleanser and the hair stayed soft. I am pleased with the results. Unfortunately I blow dried afterwards so it didn't feel as soft anymore. It did have alot of body though....
I pre-poo on dry unwashed hair. For me pre-poo'n is a form of DT. I use AO conditioners on dry hair. It works wonders for me.
I decided to try this tonight after reading through the Deep Conditioning Challenge thread on the 4a board. My hair CRAVES moisture, but I hate detangling, so the thought of DC-ing and going through the detangling process more than once a week made me shudder, but then I read about people doing it on dry hair with twists, and figured I might as well try. I cowashed a couple of days ago and don't use cones anyway, so have no build-up. I mixed AOHR with olive oil and honey, and slathered it onto my twists. Keeping it on overnight (am in London so its not far off bedtime- lol) and will rinse tomorrow and see what happens. Lets pray my hair doesn't loc by the time I try to take down my twists next week.
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I usually DC on clean dry hair after . I find it's more effective that way.
It's funny, I used to do this all the time, when I was young and permed. I don't know why I ever stopped.
I read about this in another forum and completely forgot about it! I am thinking I should try it though. I don't see how it could hurt.
the other night i put unrefined shea butter all over my hair.. on dry hair.. that was prob 3 day hair so had product in it. The next morning i did a co-wash and i had really nice soft hair. I find it handy to do DT the night before a wash as wetting my hair is an ordeal as it takes soooo long to dry.
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