Anyone use boots?

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wondering if any 4a's use the boots curl creme and how do you use it?
I use it and I really like it. I use it either on its own or with a leave-in.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
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thanks for your reply. i mixed it in with suave awapuhi yesterday. im wondering what my hair will be like when i take out my bantu knots. hopefully, moisturised
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are you talking about the old formula or the new one. I still have leftover old stuff. never tried the new stuff. I only use it on low humidity days. Too much leaves the hair feeling gummy.
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i think its the old one. its pink..............the jar is clear with white writing
I've got the pink with white writing on the jar. It made my hair feel gummy, I think I used too much. It burned my Mom's scalp. Not wuite sure why, but we don't use it. I've got a full jar chilling on my shelf!
Oh y'all, that's just her crazy showing.
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I guess lying on my back, in the middle of a studio, breathing and making vowel sounds for an hour for two years paid off.
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