This brush can replace your Denman

I use this brush to detangle dry hair, it's the only one that doesn't pull and snag my or my daughter's hair when dry. But my Denman is still my trusty detangling tool on wet/conditioner saturated hair. They make a great team in my home!
I am new here and new to my hair as well,but I am not new to being a product junkieWell i read about this brush last night and went to walmart and brought the last one.I tried it in the shower and after I got out, it worked great and didn`t feel like it was scraping my scalp like my denman does I have thin hair and this brush actually felt soothing on my scalp it didn`t snag or pull, it felt good,thank you for the suggestion on this brush, i have been looking for this post all morning to say

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