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Hello everyone I am new here. I have 4a hair that is very curly and long, but it drys up and gets fuzzy when I let it dry. I have been natural for a while and I have worn my hair up most of the time, and I do not want to do a roller set or any thing similar to it. I would like to wear my hair as it is simply curly without the frizz and stiffness.
I know about the wash and go method, but I do not really know how to do it it even though I have seen numerous tutorials about it. Moreover, may every spell out the products that she or he will recommend. I am new to the abbreviated words. Your help would be much appreciated.
I guess not then I will go on with my hair adventure elsewhere.
Sweetie, you just posted early this morning have some patience, people will respond. What I would recommend is looking at people’s fotiki's (or wherever they have their photo albums) There you will find pictures, list of products, product reviews. And you might even find someone who has hair similar to yours that you can look to for inspiration.

Suburbanbushbabe, subbrock, Missmonie , CurlyNiki and many others have great albums that detail products and results.

Also check the archives this site is a wealth of information.
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Ditto... if you post at 8:00am on a Monday you have to realize not everyone is online yet.

Can we see a picture of your hair? That could help us help you. And what products do you use when you do wear it down?
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What is your current hair routine? What products do you use? Have you tried the Curly Girl (CG) method? If you're not familiar with it, you can read about it here.

The main thing people do when wearing wash n' gos is to wash the hair, apply a leave-in conditioner, and possibly a styler (like gel, butter, or mousse).

I hope that helps. Let us know you're routine, as that will make it easier to give you tips. Keep in mind that everyone's hair is different, so what works for one 4a may not work for other 4a's.
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I agree with the advice you have been goven thus far. We need to have an idea of your current hair condition and routine to be able to help you. As Mslanee1 mentioned, you can also visit several albums, find your hair matches and begin experimenting. If you spend time on this board, you'll realize that product experimentation is key to achieving the looks that you want. Also, try to focus on hair health and be patient with your hair. In my experience, healthy hair, that is-- not dry, brittle or damage hair--responds better to products and looks better overall.

Best of luck!
I appreciate the tips and help. Well, I do not have any pictures online. But I do look at the albums . The pictures are great. My hair looks similar to Mrs.Fleurzty and Missmonie. I am sorry for the impatience. I was getting down about my hair recently trying products that make my hair hard and uncomfortable. I think I will try the KCCC and KC (some of the few abbreviations that I know here X3). I appreciate the help.
how about after washing and conditioning you apply products in layers? that's the only way i can apply product to my hair.

to name a few, i use karen's body beautiful hair milk and hair butter:

kinky curly curling custard (you can find that on

miss jessie's curly pudding or curly meringue (also on or

but look in my fotki, there may be something to help you in there. gawd knows i have enough products
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Hey. Everyone has given really good advice. The best advice I can give is to keep experimenting. That is what I have had to continue doing. Natural hair is a commitment but its great. You can do it. I have been natural all my life and I still get discouraged sometimes. Keep up the search. You will get it.
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Welcome! Everyone already gave you great advice. Definitely post a picture when you can.

Have you already seen the video from the Curlisto site?:

I don't use these products but this is how I typically style my hair if i want to wear it out. I wash/detangle in the shower first with Trader Joe's conditioner (but you can use your conditioner of choice) and then I style with a leave-in conditioner and gel. Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Fantasia IC Gel (clear) or Knot Today and Kinky-Curly Curling Custard are both good combos for me. Hope this helps!
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Welcome. I hope you develop a little more patience. This is a forum, not instant messaging. People log in at different times and with different interests.

If you can share a photo of your hair and routine, you will likely get very specific advice. Meanwhile there's lots of information to browse through.
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I apologize again for the impatience, Moreover, I do appreciate the help and comments.If the Lord will and if we live, i will let you guys know how the KCCC and KT work. Currently I am using pure aloe vera gel and cream of products. :3
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im a wash and go sort of person; i co wash; apply a creamy leave in Karens' milk and ic gel/ scruch the products in plop for 10 mins and go.

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I wash and condition once weekly, apply a creamy moisturizer: oyins or KBB hairmilk in sections, two strand twist and unravel when dry. Don't forget to fluff or finger style.
Hello it is me again. My hair routine is I deep condition every week, wash once a week or more if necessary, and I use Aubrey's organic conditioner, and creme of nature ultra moisturizing shampoo. Also, I use aloe vera gel to define my curls. Moreover, I have very thick curly hair and it gets frizzy easy. In addition, I have tried wash and gos but how do treat your hair when it is time for to go to bed? Also, how will the curl remain in the hair after a wash and go? How do you guys and girls gets your curl to show so well when you do wash and gos.
Here is a link of a picture example:
I do not know how to do it at the moment. Also, I and a college student that is 21 years old and I like to find a hair routine that will not take to long. Again, all your help is appreciate greatly.
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im a wash and go sort of person; i co wash; apply a creamy leave in Karens' milk and ic gel/ scruch the products in plop for 10 mins and go.
Originally Posted by kd

This hairstyle of yours is past cute. I really, really, really, like it!
im a wash and go sort of person; i co wash; apply a creamy leave in Karens' milk and ic gel/ scruch the products in plop for 10 mins and go.
Originally Posted by kd

This hairstyle of yours is past cute. I really, really, really, like it!
Originally Posted by osocristie
thanks so much!

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