as your hair grows....

Do yo find that as your hair grows, you need extra hold? I have a twa that has been growing out tremendously(can't tell cuza shrinkage), but I'm noticing that I need alot more holding power. My hair is also a lot frizzzier than normal-Should I contribute it to the fact that it's been rainy in NY for the past 7 days or on the growth of my curls. I can see I'll be needing extra moisture for the winter.....but how do I fight this frizz?
Could your texture be changing? I have been natural since 2003, but I am just growing my hair out from a twa recently. I noticed that as my hair grew out of the TWA stage, the texture was different. HGs were no longer as effective, my hair got significantly thicker. Takes more to see the definition.

I don't know the answer to the question, just sharing my experience.

My winter approach is to use shealoe butter on towel dried hair, and do more braidouts and twistouts. That will help with careful ends moisturizing and cuts frizz for me.
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Yes! I forgot to mention that, it could be that my texture is changing. I noticed that my hair has gotten to be a lot denser/thicker, but my curls also seem to be getting bigger(hence the frizziness.) And there are styling products that don't seem to be working anymore. I didn't know that texture change was possible

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