blowdrying revelation

so a while ago i adopted using the blowdryer on dry hair to stretch the curls out picking up this idea from the shingling method which recommends a nozzle attachment to stretch from the roots on 100% dry hair...

it works to stretch but it also frizzes which i was okay with cause it gave me a huge afro with only 6 inches of hair so i accepted it although i did wonder how it didnt look frizzy on their website... so i've been doing this with the nozzle when i shingled and with braid/twistouts but then i searched through threads about hair dryers looking for advice on hooded ones and stumbled upon several mentions of using the diffuser to stretch curls which sounded odd to me because i had only used my diffuser to speed up my airdrying but...

i tried it today on a twistout and it works good without the frizz and its softer... i have an ionic conair dryer that came with a finger diffuser i see that most people use the bowl but i think the fingers work better for this technique because using heat and holding with my hand my fingers burn so i think the dryer fingers work well at lifting seperating and holding the hair... i think if you do have a bowl diffuser a pick could help well with this too...

so funny since fall has come i've been changing my routine every day cause i'm much busier its cold etc. etc. so now i'm considering going back to shingling when i decide on a hooded dryer cause i just don't think i have the time anymore to deal with conditioner washing daily so maybe if i just set it once or twice a week i'll be cool...

questions comments concerns???
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If you want to go the blowdryer route, you should only blast the roots, not the ends. It helps if you have a diffuser nozzle (the one that makes the stream of air narrow).

Honestly, I've tried this method and it's a hit-or-miss for me.

The best method I've found to wear a stretched out look is to scarf down the hair while drying.

Or after the hair is dry add a bit of sculpting pommade (not shea butter - something made to hold hair, like kenra platinum, or Salon Selectives styling putty) to your hands, smooth on the outer layer of the hair, gather the hair in a ponypuff and let it "sit" like that for about 10 - 30 minutes. (I guess you can add heat if you wish, but I never did)

then undo the hair. That seems to do the trick for me.
oops i guess my instructions didnt make that clear webjockeyguide!!!

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