I'm Bunnin' It...a grow-out challenge of sorts :)

Yay curlynikki we gon do dis (pardon the jamaican accent) LOL.

Leelee...thats it girl, you can do it....should have seen my bun when I BC.

subbrock dont think of it as lazy...its good.
i must have lost my mind because (a) i hate challenges and (b) i love wearing my hair out. but ive been super lazy so this gives me an excuse to wear my hair in a bun!

im in!
Originally Posted by subbrock
I feel you subbrock, i'm not good with challenges but i'ma try this one out!

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I think I'm gonna try it....I straightened my hair last week and am now sitting with cassia on my hair, when I finally rinse I think I might try the infamous twist and curl. I dont think my hair can get into a bun but we shall c...

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Can I join? I'm still transitioning. I want to bc in early fall.I've been wearing my hair in braids this summer. I take them down every two weeks and bun it for a week and then go back to my braids. So can I join??
Dare to be......remarkable!!!
ummm...of course! Everyone is welcome. We all have one goal...thicker, longer, healthier hair
LOL, I guess that's 3 goals!
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Today is my first damp bun, i did this one like a ponytail with the ends tucked under then a scrunchie around it so it can secure those stray ends. It honestly looks like a ball sitting in the middle of my head but hey, it works.

So puffs and buns for me, occasionally i'll wear my hair out..not like it touches my shoulders anyway. Usually shrinks to the top of my neck.

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I've learned that keeping my ends stretched a little bit is key to retaining length and preventing knots, tangling and splits. I set my wet pony-tailed and twisted hair on rollers...when it's 50% dry, I put it in the bun that Leelee described. It also adds a little more length and thus volume to the bun.

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Count me in for the summer.
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I'm in! I just did a semi-chop, so my updos are limited but I think I can manage it. I don't think it will benefit me as much as those with longer hair since I plan on cutting off the rest of my textured hair anyway at some point, but either way, I do agree updos do save the ends from a lot of damage.
This is so weird b/c I'm trying to stop wearing buns, lol or @ least not wear them too often. I absolutely love how buns look but I'm getting tired of em. When I first joined this site years ago under a different name, members told me that buns (if done often) were bad for the hair and ends, but I think it's the way that it's done. I do buns where my ends are often covered with an elastic band, but I assume it acts as a scissor after a while.

I hardly ever wear it out (probably 5-10x per year). I've always wanted to wear my hair out more often for a number of reasons: style variety, to let my hair breath, I don't have to pull it tight in order for it to stay, and mainly and most importantly because I don't like my V hairline. It is sooooooooo time consuming when I do buns sometimes b/c I want it to look perfect b4 I leave the house since I don't like the V hairline. So, I either alwayz do that front part or pull it all the way back and slick down the baby hurrs to take away from that darn V. It takes forever!!!!

When I wear my curly puffs I do the same thing with my hair line (that's annoying too), however it's never tight and if the slicked parts are kinda frizzy, I don't like it, but I don't worry much b/c the puff takes away from that. Plus, I started to notice my recent growth from wearing these puffs almost everyday and easing up on the buns.

I just wanna wear my hair completely out more often with the occasional buns (once I learn how to do it better). I'm working on some varieties and I shall post pics in the near future.

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I don't think I have enough hair to make a bun. I've been wearing a pony puff since Saturday that sits up high. I'm in though, I want to see some real growth by the end of the summer.

my hair as of 10 minutes ago:

I'm pretty sure I'll have no problem keeping this up for the summer as lazy as I am.
Although i've heard it's ideal to protect your ends away from all the elements i think a puff is just fine. Your ends aren't rubbing on anything and as long as you aren't pulling at your edges too tightly i think you're good.

I know i wear my hair in a puff about 5-6x's a week if not more l0l and my hair seems to be growing just fine.

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Hey chica

Im officially in, although as you know i've been doing my mini version of this. I wanna see what happens at the end of the summer with completely protecting my hair. Im excited (thought i gotta think of some more up styles). This is my first challenge
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this challenge came right on time. i'm starting to dread doing my hair and i noticed that the sun is just horrible on my hair when i wear it out. i want to join but was wondering if hair twist and/or braids with extensions count as a "ps"?

Last week, you inspired me to try my first bun. I did it this past weekend. So when I saw this thread I was too exited. I took pix and created a fotki specifically for this grow out challenge. I'm in chica!!!

I twisted my ponytail initially planning on a twist-out-bun. With the crazy rain Chi has been getting lately, I left the twists in. Check it out.

I'll take my hair length pix this weekend.

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What a great idea. I'm at the length now where I always cut because I get tired of it. I have been wearing my hair down most of the time, and I think this challenge would be good for me to see if I can get past this rut of always wanting to cut at this length.

I may tweak it to do 4 days a week instead of 5, or alternate between 4 day weeks and 5 day weeks. It is easier though in the summer to put it up just to keep the hair off of my neck. This challenge wuld be much harder for me in the fall or winter, lol.

Since the week is half gone, I'll start on Sunday.
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I am in too, but I dont have enough hair for a bun yet. So for me it will be twist, finger coils, and twist n curls. Washing and DTing on Sunday then starting over for the next week. Oh and hair can only be out two days a week. Lets see how it works!
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First off, Curlynikki you are my hair idol girl. This entire week I've been contemplating what I should do with my hair for the summer (weaves, rollersets rods) This is obviously the easiest and least expensive choice. I just have a few questions: Are we talking sock buns or some other kind of buns? Should we be taking any supplements? And what kinds of moisturizers should we use to last us the 4-5 days we're not co-washing?

Thanx alot, Jewell.
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Count me in too. This is going to be a real challenge for me. I have always worn my hair out since I bced in 05'. I have thin temples from cornrow damage when I was seven so I try to keep tension off that area. In this case is the maneandchic bun acceptable?

Count me in for the summer.
Originally Posted by HeatherNicole
Yeah, me too, for the summer. My plan was to twist my hair every 2-3 weeks, and wear that in a updo, to keep it off my neck, and like another poster said, to not have to think about what I'm going to do with my hair.

I'm already two weeks in .

Great ideal, CN.
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