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Why is it that I told my ex I was done talking to him for good and he said ok, yet a week later (today) I get a message asking me where I am and a text asking me what I'm doing. (Which I didn't respond to...mostly because I was busy)?

Ohhhhhh, this is what happened when you take good people for granted. Maybe he should watch "Why Did I Get Married?" So he can be informed of the 80-20 rule.
Originally Posted by HeatherNicole
amen!!! that happens to me w/ my on again off again SO....stick to your guns girl or you'll be repeating that convo forever...learn from my mistakes.
Originally Posted by mothereartha
I second that! I was just telling my sister that I'm tired of recycling men. I've been off and on with the same tired negro for the past 3 years. It's time to try something new.
Originally Posted by GlammourGirl
Hee hee heeeeeee!!!!

The 'clingy-toilet-paper' effect...

My 4-aish/b-ish thought for the day: The sub-zero weather conditions here in Denmark are getting on my nerves; my hair feels like frosty wire...
I'm finally getting to a place where I like my hair again. I rocked the most fabulous twist-out ever last weekend. Last night, I after wearing my hair is a bun all week, I took it down, added some KCCC and rocked some fabulous kinky coils like I used to before the cut.

Also, to my surprise, I didn't need to wash my hair to add the KCCC. It worked just fine on 3 day old hair.

Yes, MissKinkyCoily is making a comeback!

Last Relaxer: August 2003
Final Chop: October 2004

Photos: http://public.fotki.com/MissKinkyCoily/ : December 2009 Updates

hoping that the nature's gate shampoo that I bought works on wash day tomorrow!
last relaxer dec. 2007
BC dec 29, 2008
4 years natural!
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supposed to be studying for finals

transitioning with friend and we're very tempted to grab the scissors and chop it all off

feeling blah
3c front crown,4a in middle back
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Just read that Jasika Nicole has a relaxer.
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so, im a little backwards. the longer my hair gets, the more i want to wear wash and gos. they look so much better to me with long hair. i feel like i'm cheating on my hair when i wear twist outs, but that's really the only way i can wear my hair out. i wish i could wake up waist length tomorrow, and even then it still probably won't be long enough to rock it the way i want to......we see by next december.....
i cannot live without my aviators, my boston terrier, biology and black tights.
It feels so good when I get compliments from people that tell me they prefer my natural hair to my wigs. It makes me smile and happy that even though the natural life wasn't planned that I stuck with it and LOVE IT!

So i have been sleeping on silk pillowcases for a few weeks now, but I had to use cotton one while the silk ones were in the wash, and i actualy realised that i missed my cotton pillowcases. Don't know why, but it's almost like a "comfort food" feeling and i dont what to go back to the silk ones just yet.....

I do have to wear a scarf to bed though, thats the catch. I guess if im going to wear my hair loose then it would have to be silk pillowcases.
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I've had a TWA since November and I'm finally able to twist it myself--I'm on my way ya'll...
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Hair Type: 4a
BC: November '09
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Leave In: JC Revitalizing Leave In, Homemade mix
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Daily Moisture: Coconut oil, shea butter
Styling Products: MJ Baby Buttercreme, Eco Styler Gel, JC Nourish & Shine
My favorite part of the opening celebrations of the winter olympics yesterday: Measha and her fab hair!!!

My favorite part of the opening celebrations of the winter olympics yesterday: Measha and her fab hair!!!

Originally Posted by mxdchick
yes!!!!! I was dreaming for the day my hair would get that big!!

Last edited by heartsounds36; 02-13-2010 at 12:53 PM.
trying to see what I will purchase from Essential wholesale
Hmm, valentines day was pretty good! Athough im not really into the whole holiday... it either makes people really happy or sad in some cases.
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Oyin: Honey Hemp, Sugar Berry
Anita Grant: Creamy Cafe Latte, Rhassoul DC, Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar, Monoi De Tahiti
Bee Mine: Curly Butter
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Yesterday I finally wore a wash & go for the first time in months. I like how it looked at first but then once it dried it was just ok. Grrrrr... Will I ever get to a place where I love my hair no matter what it does?

Last Relaxer: August 2003
Final Chop: October 2004

Photos: http://public.fotki.com/MissKinkyCoily/ : December 2009 Updates

I woke and my hair is so soft and strong I love it.

On another note I feel asleep with my hair in a bun under my scarf. I believe I will have to start taking my bun down every night because it has gotten to big to sleep comfortably on it. I dont really like this idea due to the extra manipulation but I guess it wont be to bad since my hair is in twists to
I'm getting tired of these twists!

I said I would take them out tuesday and rock a twistout till Friday when I do my all day hair pampering!

1 more day! Come on!
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Oil: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil
Styling: KCCC, QBOHHB.


I'm sitting here trying to talk myself out of straightening. It's not working. I've decided to have my hair blown out on Thursday. The funny part? When I see it hasn't grown I'll probably wet it down the same day.
WARNING: Venting Ahead!

I'm suffering from separation anxiety from the 2 inches of hair I got cut off about 6 weeks ago. Yes, I am. Before the cut I could see the length in my hair and I felt like I was making some great progress.

Looking back on the before trim and after trim pics, I could see where my ends were a little thinner than the rest of my hair and ok, it needed to be trimmed, but now I feel like I have taken 10 steps back.

I mean, this "trim" got me all jacked up in the head. I have even been contemplating a txt!!! Ok, and for me that is serious. I know, I am tripping and soon the 2 inches will be back and then some. I'm not really gonna txt, but shoot.....LOL

I guess I just feel almost like I did all that work for nothing - but heck, I hadn't had a trim in 17 months, so what's expected? I dunno. Heck, I am just ready for a full(er) head of hair. I want the big ol' coily fro and NOW dammit!
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Washed my hair last night. Planned on doing two strand twists that I could keep in for a week. Decided to blow dry my hair on low, warm. Took me about...oh, I don't know, 45 minutes to an hour. When I blow dried the last section, I took the rest of my hair out of the bun and....

Unleashed it.

so I couldn't convince myself not to straighten, but two months of gnc hair skin and nails vitamins have convinced me that I should probably take them from here to eternity.

I have also learned the value of a shower cap.

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