Black Hair Myths: Lisa Akbari

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The black woman's guide to beautiful hair
Here is a sample list of negative thoughts and myths that many black women believe.
1. I have bad hair.
2. My hair just won't grow.
3. My hair is so dirty, but it grows better when it is dirty.
4. My hairstyle only looks good when it is time to shampoo.
5. If I shampoo my hair that often my hair will fall out.
6. Braids and dreadlocks make my hair grow faster.
7. My hair breaks because of my nerve problem.
8. My hair will break because I need a retouch.
9. My hair breaks because I am stressed out.
10. My hair breaks because of the medication that I am taking,
11. My hair stopped growing years ago after a bad perm.
12. My grade of hair changed after I started pressing and curling
13. Things are getting worse and will never change.
14. It is hopeless.
15. I don't know what to do.
16. Girl, I just have that kind of ("bad hair") hair.
17. We have to face it, we don't have hair like them.
18. Girl, you know your hair is just that nappy, "bad" stuff.
19. I don't know why God gave me this kind of hair.
20. They don't have hair problems.

21. Shampooing my hair too often will strip my hair.
22. If they go swimming, they don't have to do much to their hair.
23. I can't go running today because it is raining and my hair will turn back.
24. I can't work out because 1 don't have time to shampoo my hair.
25. 1 can't shampoo my hair; 1 am too busy.
26. 1 could not shampoo my hair because 1 was sick.
27. I could not shampoo my hair because 1 had out-of-town guests.
28. 1 could not shampoo my hair because my child, husband, mother, was sick.
29. 1 couldn't shampoo my hair because 1 was on my period.
30. 1 can't shampoo my hair because 1 just had a baby.
31. 1 can't shampoo my hair because my braids will get messed up.
32. 1 couldn't shampoo my hair because 1 got in too late.
33. 1 couldn't shampoo my hair because 1 was tired.
34. Grease will stop my scalp itch.
35. Grease will make my hair grow.
36. The only reason my scalp itches is because of stress.
37. If 1 grease my scalp my hair will grow.
38. She is the stylist; she should have known better.
39. 1 don't do anything to my hair; 1 just go to the salon and let my stylist take care of my hair.
40. It is her fault; she is the one with the license.
41. I know that she is young, but I put that perm in her hair because I could not comb her hair. It was just too nappy.
42. My hair is thick and nothing will hurt it.
43. My hair does not look good unless I curl it every day.
44. She has good hair so she will never have hair problems.
45. I know my hair can never look as good as hers.
46. My little girl has "bad" hair.
47. My hair will not lay down unless I use gel.
48. Gel grew my hair.
49. I gelled and braided my little girl's hair. It will last for two weeks or more, and it only itched a little.
50. It is too much work, and she has too much hair for me to do it every week.
51. I don't need to shampoo while I am wearing braids. All I need to do is use Sea Breeze, some mineral oil, and some braid spray.
52. All shampoos are the same so I will just use what everyone else is using or whatever is on sale.
53. I hate my hair.
54. I have always hated my hair.
55. Girl, I have growing dandruff.
And the list goes onI am sure you have things that you can add.

It's Natural to be Natural!
I have no negative thoughts about my hair. I love my hair. I love that it is curly, wavy, coily and thick. I love that my hair blows in the breeze. I love when people ask me "what hair" did I use to do my twists and I happily respond my own hair. I love that when it is well moisturized it is soft to the touch. I live very near to a well known salon in NY that specializes in weaves and I feel so sorry for some of those women I see who have that hair condition where they are balding and they do weaves to cover the balding patches. I love that I have a full head of hair.
I have this book. What's interesting is that Lisa Akbari has a texturizer in her hair. Very informative book.
Hair type 4a
interesting. my ex's mother swore UP AND DOWN that her wave nouveau made her hair grow. she also must have thought not washing it would make it grow cause she would go for one, two or three month stretches with no washes, wearing a wig on top
Lady Hasytal in the Land of Product in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

"Trust is knowing your SO would do the right thing in the face of strange vagina." Nej
lmbao!! when does this madness end ppl?
when all else

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