Creamy Moisturizer From Walmart or Drugstore?

Does anyone know of a creamy moisturizer that I can get from Walmart, the drugstore or Sally's?
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I like the Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme. It's pretty moisturizing and I find it at Walgreens for about 3 or 4 bucks. It's pretty much a staple for me.

If I'm not mistaking, I think they also make an olive oil based creme, but I haven't tried that one.
I second MEL-80 on the carrot creme, I just start using it and it is very moisturizing and doesn't dry out my hair and gives my curls a pop.

I was using IC Fantasia but since buying the carrot creme I noticed that the IC would cause my hair to shrink a lot and get really dry.

Carrot Creme is so so so good on my hair
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They do make an olive cream. Not sure if you care or not but the carrot cream has mineral oil while the oil cream does not. Whatever you do do not buy the Olive Oil Shine Moisturizer. That is loaded with mineral & petroleum.
I like Africa's Best Carrot Oil Creme, but it's probably similar to the Hollywood Beauty brand.


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I agree with all... I've used both the Carrot and Olive cream but i like the Carrot Creme better.. The Olive left a white-ish color on my hair whereas the Carrot Creme doesnt.. I really like the Carrot Creme and the Olive Conditioner.

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I use the Olive Oil creme one. I also had white residue, but i added about 1/8 cup of water into the moisturizer and mixed well. It works a LOT better diluted and i now have my HG moisturizer (thank goodness...took me long enough!)
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Hi! I also want to add that Hollywood Carrot creme is amazing! I cant believe how cheap it is! I have 3 jars of it stashed away!

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