Soft Touchable Hair without Greasy Jherri-Curl Feel?

I have been hearing a lot about Long aid activator, long aid aloe vera gel and also garnier fructise soft curl creme and care free curl gold activator/moisturizer.

Is it true that these products lend soft TOUCHABLE hair without that greasy jherri-curl feel that some products have?

Or are there any other proven product recs that enhance curl and make bushy hair soft without jherri-curl ickiness?

Please list your top inexpensive picks- any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm a big fan of oyin shine and define and qhemet olive and honey hydrating balm. They're not expensive and they don't have the 'jheri-curl' feel.
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hi Ms. joker, Kinky!
The Oyin and Qhemet products seem to be really popular here!

Do you use them together? Or can they be used each on it's own with good results?
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Any Qhemet Biologics Product and they don't have an overpowering smell that may be offensive to others.
I use long aid gel, and if you know what you are doing it doesnt leave your hair feeling jeri curlish, The first time I used it I put too much on, so it felt kinda icky and it seemed to never dry, but the second time I put less on and it dried and my hair is very pretty, it reminds me of a head full of soft baby hair, matter of fact I knew of 5 month old who had a head full of soft curly dense hair and I'd have to say that's what my hair feels like to me.
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Conditioner washing leaves me with soft, touchable hair - Pantene hydrating curls, suave humectant, aubrey organics honeysuckle rose conditioner just to name a few. I haven't conditioner washed in a while but I'm pretty sure I used a leave in afterwards- most of the time it was Aveda Elixir.
Just pointing out that you don't always have to use a styling product for curl enhancing.
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i second the long aid curl activator it can be sticky if using too much but mixed with aloe vera gel its wonderful and does feel baby soft

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