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Thanks for the reply lovemylocs. I meant weekly...because it's usually really hot here (I'm at school and Trinidad) and I wet my hair to combat headaches...and of course get rid of sweat. And the garnier is a kind of wax...but light. I guess I'll have to check the ingredients...
Thanks again!
Sisterlocks are a more maintained form of dredlocks (which by it's origin is a religion). Sisterlocks can be as small as hair.

Nappy by definition describes a dirty diaper
Kinky is sexual.
Dred- is not a proper term to use cause our hair isn't dredful

Coiled Hair folk refer to our hair as natural. All hair is good. We embrace it PERM-FREE

To view the beauty of NATURAL LOCS
please visit:

http://www.ILoveMyLocs.Ning.Com or
Where Black is Beautiful and our hair......Fabulous!!!
im getting dreads this week i only use natural products can i still use my oils like shea butter coconut oil aqnd whats the best thing to lock my hair with
4b thick kinky coily hair
shampoo/ swastika shikakia shampoo bar / and organic sulfate free moisture shampoo
conditioner/ henna , amla , brahami , tresse anti breakage conditioner, as a cream rinse/ honey egg and mayo ass a deep treatment,
vo5 moisture milk conditoner

oils/ organic coconut oil, vatika oil, castor oil, shea butter ,ojon restorative treatment ,olive oil,emu oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil
Is wax good to use on your dreadlocks, and if I decide to not use wax what are some good products to use to keep them looking neat.
My SIMPLE azz brother calls himself trying to loc and said the dumbest thing I have ever heard: His hair ain't nappy enough. Talkin' 'bout his friends told him his hair is "too good" to loc. And this is weeks after telling me that I could loc easily (I HATE when other people tell me what my hair can and can't do). I suppose he was insinuating that my hair IS nappy enough and that is hilarious. We are both 4a/b! THe only difference is his hair is thin because whether he likes it or not he's GOING to be bald. The men on both sides of our family are. His hairline is already receding so I don't know why he thinks they'll even look good starting durn near in the middle of his head.

End rant (ps. his special behind been using beeswax too. sigh)
@Prophet30 and @nrs11979 - I advise you to *not* use wax when loc'ing your hair. Although it may not be true for everyone, I've seen and heard stories about the wax making the loc hard in feel, attracting lint, and discoloring the hair.

As a free form natural, you look for products with "slip" to detangle the hair. The opposite is true when you are loc'ing. When I was loc'ed, I had locticians helping me maintain it every 8 weeks or so. They used water and a dark gel -- I'm sorry, i can't recall the name of the gel, but i do remember that it didn't flake and wasn't terribly sticky. They only used this at the roots, and not down the entire loc.
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Gud look, dat was very helpful, cuz im 5 months old into my lock n I got nappy locs lol : )

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Post pictures of dreads, the pros and cons of having them, up keep, and general advice... I'm considering locking my hair in college (mom refuses to let me have them under her roof) but I still haven't made a definite decision.
Originally Posted by Ela234
Love your signature. Praise God.

Re: locs (I call them locs because "others" coined them as "dreadful," but they are truly wonderful)...

PROS: low-maintenance after the budding phase, incredibly versatile, attractive when properly kept
CONS: budding phase can be tough for some, especially those with fine or wavier hair.

The pros far outweigh the cons, IMHO. I have a mostly fine head of 3c/4a hair. The first time I loc'ed, it took about 6 months of comb-coiling and handrolling (just gel and essential oils; nothing waxy or greasy) before I got to the budding phase. I don't know how much you know about the process, but the bud is the bump that forms in the middle of a coil -- the beginning of the loc -- which then flattens and spreads up in both directions until you have a uniform (or mostly uniform) loc.

I've got tons of information, because I was loc'ed twice for a total of about 8 years. I had a so-so experience the first time and a fabulous experience the second time. unicast me if you want to know more -- I'll be happy to share what I know and answer any questions you might have. Grace, peace, and life be unto you.
Originally Posted by Shones
Hi Shoni,
I started locking about three weeks ago and my loctician has never locked my type of hair before, 3b-4a (like you) and I do not want to make big mistakes like I've heard of on youtube. I would any and all information you can share with me. I would love to try and maintain my locs myself for the normal maintenance part of it. She recently add a wax to my locs to help them lock quicker, but it left a greasy film on my hair, until I wasted it out two days later. Help!
Ive thought about locs but I havent decide yet.
I have been loc'd for 18 months now.
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