Natural ladies, how do you manage the hair

after it has dried from washing and conditioning? Do you comb it? Does it feel hard? Do you have to re-wet it in order to style it decently?
To avoid the frizzies, I don't let my hair dry unless it has some sort of product in it (even if it's leave-in cond). Pretty much I style it wet and then let it air dry or dry under a hood dryer if I'm in a hurry... IMO brushing when dry causes major frizz for me... so I don't do that.. but I don't bun yet so some of the ladies with longer hair may have a different opinon about the brushing...
I just add my co-wash conditioner and smooth it through my hair then I let a little of the water sweep through my hair as I smooth the conditioner through with my fingers then I squeeze the excess conditioner out in a downward motion...This has worked tremendously for me achieving defined, frizz -free, and moisturized hair...I don't airdry without product either...
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ok so i've only been natural since march, but i've been getting the hang of my hair a bit more lately. i always style when wet. always. no exceptions. it makes it eaisier of course, but more importantly, it cuts down on manipulation. i have been wearing a ponytail altely, and when my hair dries it is usually soft since i use conditioner as a styler. i only comb wet hair loaded with thick conditioner. i do not comb or touch it until it does dry, to prevent frizzies and dryness. to restyle i usually do rewet in the shower, everyday since i co-wash, mainly for moisture purposes. but i won't always re apply product until day 5 or so. I love bunning too, since it stretches the hair slightly, which aides in being able to style it while only damp and minimize dry ends.
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I think that most if not all curlys here apply their leave in and styler on wet hair. You never want to comb or brush dry hair. Even if I use my brush to catch frizzies on 2nd or 3rd day hair, I usually apply a spritzer of some kind before to refresh my doo.
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I only style when wet. I use all the products in my signature as leave ins then twist/ release.
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I only style and comb when wet. Mostly I detangle with my fingeres. On second day hair my "styling" consists of scrunching in a hairdress, pulling back in a scrunchi while it absorbs, then releasing and fluffing. I do brush my dry diry hair 2-4 times a month, but only to distribute oils and shea butter as a pre-poo.
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How does the hair feel after it has dried though, even with the products?

I use a leave in and some gel after I wash and let it dry. Depending on the gel uyou use it can dry crunchy but mine just leave it soft. I take jojoba oil and smooth it through my hair when its dry. It help break up some of the crunch and fluffs my hair a little for a lived in look. If I don't do this I have the "hair looks wet" look throughout the day which is not cute.
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I can only style my hair wet and with leave in and products. There is no way in hell i could le my hair dry without products...that's just asking for trouble! The only exception to that is puffs and twists. For those two, I let my hair air dry with a leave in and in large braids or twists. Once dry, I spray with my spritz and then use only a large tooth comb.
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How does the hair feel after it has dried though, even with the products?
Originally Posted by Bubblingbrownshuga
My hair never stays fluffy and soft. If I get it right, the curls are firm (not rough or stiff. . . it's difficult to explain. . . just very robust and with a definite form), but smooth. That's with leave in and gel. I'm the opposite of a lot of folks on here I guess; if I style my hair with just leave in, even with moisturizers that are very smoothing and emollient, the hair dries rough and tangled. It needs the gel to seal it and keep it smooth.

If I use too much gel, though, I get crunch and buildup, the hair feels rough and stiff but I can tell it's the gels own roughness and stiffness; it doesn't feel like hair, it just feels kinda cakey, kwim? But
when I rinse my hair it doesn't feel like it's been dried out from the gel overuse, it usually feels nice and seaweedy. Washday after leave-in only styling, OTOH is whole other story.

I am one the few who can style from dry. The leave in goes on while my hair is wet and I make a few sections and twist/braid. Once it's at least 90% dry, I add the gel. It seems like my hair usually prefers to have less stuff in it at one time, so when it's full of water it doesn't want a ton of leave in and gel, too. That said, there are a couple stylers I can use from wet.

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How does the hair feel after it has dried though, even with the products?
Originally Posted by Bubblingbrownshuga
Day I wash my hair: If I've moisturized properly the bulk of my hair feels soft, but in a different way from my under layer of hair which feels silky.
I only comb my hair in the shower after I've let some conditioner sit it in. My hair type does not stay wet even drowned in conditioner, so I need to be near some water.
The gels I have can make my hair feel kinda crispy.
The days I don't wash my hair it still feels pretty good if I moisturized properly on wash day but it needs a little water or watery product to wake up (speaking of out hair not twists). If what I used on wash day didn't moisturize properly, the bulk of my hair is a rough mess and the under layer is still soft but hella frizzy instead of clumpy. It's pretty much begging me to start over and drench it.
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