Tulsi Powder for Dandruff

I've learned so much from you all that I wanted to post some information that will (hopefully) be helpful to others.

I've had problems with dandruff & dermatitis for years. I tried everything - nizoral, salicylic acid shampoos, etc - and nothing helped.

While in an Indian store a few weeks ago looking for henna, I found a box of tulsi powder that promised to help with dandruff. I bought it because I thought the worst that would happen is that it would join the other things I've bought that didn't work (and it was cheaper than the other things I'd already tried).

I mixed some of the tulsi powder with my Carol's Daughter herbal shampoo and washed my hair. My scalp is clear for the first time. And my hair felt awesome after I washed it.

I have to admit that I also colored my hair with henna, so it's possible that the combination of tulsi and henna is what did it. But I'm so thrilled to have a clear scalp with no dryness and no flakes. Hope this helps.

Hey...thank you thank you thank you!!! as soon as i get a chance, i will buy that Tulsi Powder, i really have issues with my scalp, hopefully it works for me too ...how exciting!!! finally something that might help me....

This is great! I'll have to pass this onto my friend she has dandruff issues on and off. Is it a good cleanser for the hair itself, too?
Is it a good cleanser for the hair itself, too?
Originally Posted by jeamaria
Hi Jeamaria,

I'm not sure how effective it is as a cleanser for the hair itself since I was focusing on my scalp. Using it with the CD shampoo made it hard to tell how well it did with cleaning my hair.

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