Items to start my natural journey

I am 4 months into my my transition but I am just getting serious about it. What items do I need to own to truly go through what I hope will be a long transition as I desire length before I BC. I'm looking for product suggestions (shampoo, conditioner, gel), hair accesory ideas (clips, headbands, combs). Anything (drying caps, towels).

I'm hoping to take your advice and compile a list that will be helpful to other newbies as I couldn't find one through a search.

So give me the best of the best.
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Hi. The way I transitioned was just having my hair in braids for a while but this blog might help you
3c or 4a...who knows?
Here's a few things I can think of off the top of my head:
- a protein conditioner (I like Aubrey Organics Swimmer's Condish)
-a moisturizing conditioner (again, I'm a Aubrey fan; the Honeysuckle Rose, White Camellia and Rose Mosqueta all work very well for me)
-a seam-free, sturdy wide tooth comb
-satin bonnet or scarf for sleep (I love this
-hat (for those bad hair days... there will be a few)
-snag free bobby pins
-double prong hair clips like these:
-satin covered rollers (I prefer these to the ones with the plastic fold-over fasteners:

Depending upon how you intend to wear your hair during your transition you may want to get:
-small, non-damaging hair elastics (for securing twists, braids or bantu knots)
-bun form (or you can make your own out of a sock)
-ouchless headbands

Umm... that's all I can think of for now. I hope it's a good starting point for you!
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