4a or 4b???

Hi everyone! I'm pretty new around here and have only posted a couple of times. I'm a bi-racial 3c with a little 3b thrown in for good measure, and I've been using a modified CG method on my hair for the past 2 weeks. The results have been amazing! It's hairwashing time for my 7 y.o., and I want to start making some changes in the way I care for her hair as well. I plan on pretty much using the same things for both of us, because while her hair is waaay thicker and curls much tighter than my hair, our hair behaves pretty much the same way.

Anyhow, I can't really figure out what her hair type is. It's got the cottony fluffy thing going on and is so hard to keep detangled... What type would you all say she is?

For some reason I can't add the pic as an attachment, so here's the link.
It looks as if her hair is combed out, so I can't tell. It's easier for me to tell if it is just washed, without product applied and dried naturally.

Type; 3c-4a
Prods: TBA

My hair HATES Vo5 & Suave with a passion, b/c of the dmdm hydantoin. Protein sensitive.
Wow! That is some bountiful head of hair she's got. Combed out it's hard to tell but I would guess 4a. it looks like it would coil if you were to wet style it and air dry.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Can't tell the type either but that's some lovely, *thick* hair!

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