Alright so I'm going to begin with by venting a little:

This past week has thoroughly sucked!!!! I could possibly have a health complication, but i wouldn't be able to do anything about it because my insurance policy is giving my mum the run around On top of the social issues and boy issues I had had enough and was just like "F- 'em!" I need nothing (and no one) in my life right now that isn't positive and beneficial to me.

So yea... my bestie here in Tallahassee (FL) invited me to take some time and party it up for a bit. I thought "what am i going to do with my hair?" So today I decided to go about straightening my hair for the sake of change (i've been fro-ing it for the last week and a half and loving it).

>.< About three-fifths of the way through my hair I slowly began to remember ALL of the reasons I gave up straightening my hair. I'm done with this crap too! I immediately found a sink on my floor and wet my hair and realized (once again) that I loved my curly strands (straighteing it added some length, but that OF COURSE isn't worth the work... and it's not good for your hair either i think; with that, my excuse is that I despise my OWN hair when it's straightened lol)

But yea has anyone had some re-realizations with hair hair pre and/or post CG (esque) ways?

Much Love!
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