How do you make your own headbands?

I always wanted to make my own hair accesories. I have some extra silk cloth too.
4a/Fine Strands/Medium Length/Low Porosity (still editing)

My product routine is currently a work in progress.
I make mine! I started a couple of months ago. I just get colorful fabric from Joanns Fabrics and put two pieces back to back and cut it out into a headband shape. Then I sew them together either by hand or using the machine if I feel like pulling it out (lazy). I sometimes use the extra material to make triangle scarves to wear to the gym. They turn out great. My longer scarves I just buy from Claires or Stein Mart which has a great selection of colorful silk

ETA: Stores like Michaels or Joanns probably sell blank headbands, the hard ones, that you can sew material over to design your own band. I bet you can buy books also that teach you how!

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