Off-Topic: Anyone see this Obama/race poll on Yahoo! News?

This article posted on Yahoo!'s main news page this evening (Saturday). okay, to preface this post, IMHO polls are basically junk to begin with, but I think this is especially true of the ones that start rolling out during election seasons.

The fact that Yahoo!/Stanford University even thought to come up with a poll under this topic heading is fairly irksome. Immediately upon reading this I thought, what if the same questions were posed to men re: their opinions of women (would you really answer a question like that knowing you're lumping your spouse into the generality)? or young people re: the opinions of older generations? Christians re: Muslims?

Perhaps the better question is, have you ever been called up during dinner time (or asked via Internet) to be polled on "adjectives that describe whites?" (Not I.)
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i actually read this article this morning before work on another site, and i asked my self the same question. who would think to make a poll like this?!

we know obama is black, we know that people will have an issue with this, blacks and nonblacks alike. but, why quantify it? why, try to divide the already fragile democratic party, by saying those within his own party have negative views of blacks?

my mind was blown away when i read this. all i could ask was why? and how many years did this set us back?

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Dang..this makes me incredibley sad. Who the hell would think to make such a hurtful poll like this? How is this going to help ANYONE?!

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yeah i remember reading this before i went to school. im not surprised actually and although i think its a bit questionable in its nature, the fact of the matter is that it reflects truth. there is a very negative portrayal and reception of black people in america and possibly the world. i dont know i mean it kind of sickens me when people brush the issue of race under the rug because its politically incorrect or offensive. im 18 and ive grown up in predominantly white schools and heard the worst comments made about blacks, hispancs, asians, native americans, etc. ive heard the same descriptions as mentioned in the article so thats why there was little shock in it for me. also even though i doubt the good nature in intention behind the geniuses who created the poll, i will say that id much rather talk about the problems and negative views and misconceptions about blacks in america than buy into this ridiculous facade that america is great, minorities are equal, and all is well. its all b.s.

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