honey in hair

im reading a lot of posts about adding honey to hair. do u heat it first? i tried to mix it with oil but it didnt blend. thanks for the tips
people will usually mix it with products like adding a few tablespoons to shampoo. or 50/50 honey and conditioner. I personally hate honey on my hair.
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I put the honey in a bowl, microwave for 5 seconds, add olive oil and apply to my hair. I leave it on for an hour, rinse and style. It leaves my hair so soft.

Make sure to warm it up first, but don't make it too hot. It makes my curls pop.
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I mix it with conditioner. It works better if you leave the honey at room temperature, or take it out of the fridge and let it sit a while before mixing it. The water in the conditioner will dissolve it part of the way so it mixes quite easily. You can use anything from a couple spoonfuls to using more honey than you do conditioner.

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