Does anyone take vitamins and what benefits have you obtained from them?

Does anyone take vitamins? IF so, what kind and what benefits have you obtained from their use? Personally, I have been unable to take a multivitamin in capsule form. Rather, I am now taking a ten-in 1 liquid vitamin now, it seems to agree more with my system. Capsule vitamins always give me a tummy ache--so I do not take them anymore. However, I do take 1 grape seed extract tablet once a week. Since, I have started taking those---I think I am seeing more growth and my hair seems healthier. Honestly, I am not the type to measure my growth---its not my primary concern-I simply want healthy hair.

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I take vitamins,currently taking Allure Fast grow,an advanced sublingual B12 vitamin,and a chewable multivitamin.
Benefits i have seen after starting them a few months ago before my BC were that my hair grew pretty fast and my nails were very long,I hadn`t had long nails since way before my girls were born they were always short and soft but after i started taking the vits they grew long enough to start curling up which scared me so i chopped them down to nubs last they are already growing again
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I also take vitamins:
- multi vitamin
- Biotin (hair, nails, & skin)
- Omega 3 Fish Oil (cardio system also for hair and skin)
I definite have noticed a difference in my hair and eyelashes (Biotin). I used to take Phytophanere vitamins which is a "nutritional supplement...a daily dose provides all the vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants needed to promote healthy hair growth..." quoted from Phyto. Some people swear by this vitamin but I'm too cheap (it cost around $25 for 100 pills) and to avoid shipping and handling you can purchase these from Pure Beauty or Sephora.
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I take:

Life Force Multivitamin
Biotin (5mg)
MSM (1000mg)

My new growth is healthy, shiny and thicker than the rest.
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My daily vitamin regimen consists of:

A liquid or chewable multiple ( Health Direct which is very expensive or Flinstones)
Nordic Naturals Omega 3

I have always taken the calcium and I highly recommend it because it really helps with PMS along with other benefits. The Omegas I started taking a year and a half ago when I had an allergic reaction and my hair fell out. It softened my new growth like crazy, helped my skin and allowed my nails to grow in pink and healthy. I started MSM about 3 months ago and have noticed my hair growth increase dramatically. My skin looks like its glowing. And the multi is just insurance since I don't eat well everyday.

I am a big vitamin fan, mostly for overall health.I hate visiting the doctor, and since I began taking vits years ago, I have had one maybe two colds. The hair skin and nail improvements are just extra benefits. And the improvements have been dramatic, my acne prone skin looks looks as though its been clear all my life, like I never suffered from severe acne. My nails which are thin and week and never grow look great and I always receive complements. And my hair has done a complete turn around. It does not even look like the same head of hair, so much thicker, softer and shinier.
Sorry this was so long but I get so excited about vitamins and health that I like to share with everyone!

I take prenatal vits because of my little one, but before that I was taking:

Nature's Plus - Ultra Hair Plus, MSM 1000, Boitin 600, Vitamin b12, Inositol 500, and Evening Primrose.

My hair grew its regular .5" every month like clockwork, with or without the vitamins, lol. But, I enjoyed experimenting with them, and I do think they are valuable, because as we all know, most of us don't get all the vitamins we need from our daily diets. A word of caution with vitamins - and you probably already know this - some vitamins should not be taken in high doses because they can actually build up in your system. Iron is the firstone that comes to mind, but there are others. If the high dose of the supplement does build up in your system you can get an opposite results of what you want, such as hair loss and even more serious issues. In most cases though the vitamins will be removed from your system via elimination, but it's just something to think about. I always suggest that people do their research if they're thinking about taking higher does of vitamins - not saying you are - but just food for thought.
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