Austin curlies -- Need haircut. Where?

I went looking for Janiece last week and can't find her. Apparently she's left Blling. I need someone else who cuts natural hair, understands that I'm trying to grow it out and won't use products that strip every bit of moisture from my hair.

Help me!
I got an email from Janiece at the end of last year saying that she was moving to the Courtyard Salons in Round Rock. I don't know if she is still there, since I've been trifling as it relates to my hair, but I figure if not maybe they can direct you on where to find her.

Courtyard Salons
2000 S. IH35 Suite F-1
Round Rock, TX 78681

Also, I'll PM you the email address I have for her.

Now that you mention it, I may have to try and track her down myself because she did a great job cutting my hair last time.

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