So... 4a/b's What did you do to your hair today?

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-co-washed with suave lavender
-conditioned with trader joe's vitamin C
-applied cantu shea butter leave-in
-put my hair in a bunnytail an accessorized with goody elastic headband
natural since 1998. trying to adapt to this midwest weather while still keeping it simple. current length: MBL (stretched)
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I co-washed my coils today with Tigi MM (since I ran out of my normal conditioner), and used Cantu leave in(since it's cooler).

I wore an awesome puff today. I always have great looking curls after either washing my twist outs or coils.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
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I feel so boring....I basically do the same thing everyday because I workout a lot...

At night...
1. Rinse or cowash with HE Dangerously Straight and rinse that out
2. Add about a heaping unmelted tablespoon of coconut oil to my soaking wet hair.
3. Mix Qhemet BRBC or ASHC with a little Devacurl Set it Free in my hands and apply to 5-10 sections.
4) In the AM, release and shake and allow it to finish air drying.

I'm planning to do some twists or straighten soon though.
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Poo: CON Sulfate Free poo
Rinse out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave-in: CJAOO Daily Cond
Styler: KCCC sparingly and Ampro Olive Oil Gel where needed
DT: KBB Lucious Locks Mask + EVOO/Avocado
I'm pretty boring too, between washes. Dry styled using a smidge of this and mixed in my palms and scrunced in -- mostly Set it Free, Jessicurl WDT, KBB Hair nectar. I'm getting a trim tomorrow and want this to last another day.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
This thread is so helpful for a n00b like me! Thank you ladies!
-Co-wash with V05 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie (still not convinced that I'm protein sensitive at this point)
-used GF Sleek and Shine on each section mixed with HB Tea Tree Oil
-Put hair in two large twists going back (french twist?) and wrapped with scarf
-Keep covered and oil scalp and ends when needed until Hair Day Wednesday!
Confusion in the front/4a in the back and around the sides
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Co-Wash: (Anything on hand atm)
Leave ins: Aussie Moist
Shampoo: Aussie Moist (only if I end up using gel or something out of the ordinary)
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I'm so lazy when it comes to my daily routine. I co-wash with Sunsilk Captivating curls conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. After rinsing, I get out of the shower and apply a little bit as a leave in along with Curly Hair Solutions Silk Leave-In Conditioner. Its left to air dry and do its thing.

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I had my first bad hair day with my Elucence + glycerin + oil leave-in combo with KCCC a few days ago. I had very dry hair brittle hair which has never happened with KCCC as my gel.

I guess that means my Elucence days are over now that dry winter air is here. So after playing around with BWC leave-in for a few days I went back to Curl Friends (a thicker, heavier leave-in) today. Today I....
  • washed w/ MOP Pear
  • conditioned w/ All Soft
  • spread jojoba butter on my wet hair (I want to seal in moisture)
  • added Curl Friends leave-in on top of that
  • finished with KCCC
My hair has been moist & shiny looking all day so I'll stick with this.
4a/b Texlaxed hair w/ highlights. Medium texture & high porosity.

HG's: CJ Daily Fix, Bobeam Cheris Hibiscus shampoo bar, KC Spiral Spritz, Knot Today, CJ Rehab, KBB LL Hair Mask, Cassia, KCCC, oil blend of Avocado, Camellia, Jojoba, & Meadowfoam oils


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This thread is so helpful for a n00b like me! Thank you ladies!
Originally Posted by mycolorfulheart
I second that! Their advice really helps a new girl out. Its hard getting a routine down. I thought I may have had a good one, and then it got wicked cold up here! No more wetting in the morning. Here was me today:

Last night, I dampened my hair with a spritz (aloe vera juice, castor oil, a little conditioner). I did 6 sections, smoothed GDLI in to them, then homeade shea/coconut butter and braided the sections. Put on a satin scarf and went to bed.

Woke up, un braided, finger combed with some AOHR, put brushed some eco-styler on the front and edges, did a modified puff with a goody headband, then a regular scarf to lay down the edges. After 15minutes(enough time to give the kids breakfast), took the scarf off and done! Not my best hair, but I looked halfway decent. I almost slid down the icy stairs trying to look at it in the window reflection.
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I did my first "Shake & Go" this morning. I used TreSemme conditioner as a co-wash, along with a mixture of leave-in/gel/oil. It looks pretty cute (i.e., curls/coils pretty well defined) to my dismay.
My Niece's Wedding. It rained and rain was forecast in DC last weekend so I traveled to the East Coast with a strawset using lottobody 50-50 diluted with water. Kept the curls unseparated until the night of the wedding and then separated them. It looked cute although I looked a littled tired and had jet lag.
Fully Natural.Last Relaxer August 2003. Fav Conditioners HE LTR, Elucence
and Henna/Alma/Indigo. I'm finding out less product is better for me. Photo shows me at my house in SoCal with picked out dry hair w/ a little leave-in cond. Password 4A?

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I had some straight pieces intheback that were drinving me crazy for the longest and I just could not wait until I had the money to go to the salon so I cut them my self. No more straight pieces!!!!! today I co washed with TJ Nourish then styled with my homemade moisturizing spritz, Giovanni direct leave in, Curl junkie curl creme, homemade flaxseed gel and I tried set if free. I dont think I really need it. My hair does not look any better or worse. Well I can drop that from my routine.
I used Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar as a rinse out. Then I applied Aloe Vera Gel. I tied on a bandanna until I finished getting dressed. I don't think that counts as plopping my curls, but it did absorb some of the excess water on my hair. It came out pretty good today.

Originally Posted by curlynikki

I have to revisit henna, I just have to be more patient.
Also just wanted to say that I love your blog and I plan to read all 154 pages of it.
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Generic matrix conditioning balm for co-wash and detangle
Jane Carter Nourish & Shine
KBB Hair Nectar, then a maybe a tsp of KT
Plopped for 15 minutes
Gelled with a mix if Theraneem and KCCC
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
--co-wash with suave lavender
--applied sweet almond oil for an oil rinse
--conditioned with TJ refresh
--moisturized with cantu shea butter leave in

this was my first oil rinse, and my hair is soOo soft. it's better than pre-pooing, IMO.
natural since 1998. trying to adapt to this midwest weather while still keeping it simple. current length: MBL (stretched)
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Let's see, I got up this morning, took my scarf off, spritzed my twists with some Frank Juice and was out the door

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Last nite I oiled scalp and hair with Vatika oil. Cowashed and Conditioned with TJ Nourish (down to my last bottle I have to re up today). Use Giovanni direct leave in with a little mop top. Used SMSB leave in and some home made flax seed gel. i used a little KCCC on the front ( it is the only thing that really works for my very frizzy front) Sealed it all with a little homemade shea/cocoa aloe. I am so glad they started selling the KCCC at my whole foods I have to go hair product shopping at whole foods today
Currently rocking a coilset that's 3-days old...just gelled up the sides and added a few barrettes to secure them.
I think I might do a mayo treatment sometime this week. It's been a month. It just takes so long to do... *sigh*

-Condition with V05 Passionfruit + Aubrey Organics
-Detangle in shower (detangle three times month, usually, pretty lazy about that so it's good I did it last night)
-Spritz with H2O+tea tree+clove after drying

Running low on Giovanni-direct *cries*
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