Frizz free twist out

So I did my first twistout this weekend. I loved it!!! And I got a lot of compliments. However, I think it was still a little frizzy. Any suggestions on a frizz-free twist out?
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Did you do it on wet or dry hair? I find that when I did my twist out on dry/damp hair it came out less frizzy.

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Did you do it on wet or dry hair? I find that when I did my twist out on dry/damp hair it came out less frizzy.
Originally Posted by ClarkiesMommy
My twists were wet. When I took them out, they were dry.
Dare to be......remarkable!!!
my best twist outs: dry hair. i have a 4 oz bottle filled with water a lil suave condi. and some oil mixed. it sprays a reeealy fine mist.i spritz lightly and use a lil shealoe...i twist in med twists and then braid the twists. i apply a lil giovanni setting lotion over the twists and let it dry overnight...hardly any friz and it lasts a couple days.
i do them on wet hair; i use a butter; karens body beautiful hair butter; i use comb to make sure my hair is smooth before twisting

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My last twist out was done with wet hair. I gently combed through each section and applied a little shea butter mixed with cocoa butter. I always end up with a few strands that insist on sticking out (they have a mind of their own).

This time around though, no frizz formed. I wore the twists for several days before untwisting it. I'm on day 3 of the twist-out and it is not frizzy at all. When I use no products, it frizzes up more quickly.
Mostly 4a (with different strands of all types sprinkled in here and there). Very interesting mix... .
Ok ladies, I added my pics of my twistout to my fotki. Check it out! This time it was less frizzy. I used coconut oil in my hand when I took out the twists. And for any fly aways, I used a little water and AO B-5 gel. You be the judge!
Dare to be......remarkable!!!
My twist-outs are somewhat frizz free (for a few days) if I twist damp or wet hair and add an oil or pomade. They must be totally dry when I take them down or that will cause frizz as well.

There is no way for me to totally get rid of frizz, my hair is very fluffy and frizzy naturally.
Mixture of 4a and 4b and even some 3b/c mixed in around the nape of th neck.

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I do a wet twist out with Wet Set Curly Pudding and KCCC.
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Shampoo - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Giovanni Tea Tree
Condish - Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Trader Joe Nourish Spa
Leave in - Sheamoisture Curl Milk, KCNT, Giovanni Direct
Deep Treatment - Apoghee Two Step Protein Treatment, Giovanni Nutrafix
Moisturizers - Carefree Curl Gold Spray
Stylers - Sheamoisture Curl Smoothie
-Twist on soaking wet hair
-Allow to completely dry before unravelling
-Use a product to reduce frizz once the hair is out- I use shea butter or Set it Free. Both reduce frizz and add hold. I just slick a little on the ends.

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