Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade

Has anyone tried this product. I was thinking of purchasing it to use on my twa.
I love this stuff! I use about 3 quarter-sized amounts on my hair. To apply, I pour it into my hand and then rub hands together until they are white, then apply to hair in sections. All the foam is kinda scary at first, but your hair will soak it up in about a minute. HTH! let me know if you try it! check my album for pics of my hair with this product.
3c/4a - Relaxer Free since Feburary 2004 and Obsessed with my hair.

I have pictures now! password: curlygirl
It's pretty good stuff. When my texture was slightly relaxed I used FP along with DudleyQ curl activator. The FP is good for controlling volume and "setting" a texture. Haven't relaxed my hair since August 2005 because I had to make a choice between color (I'm 80% gray) and looser texture (color won out!) And the "curly" cut I was getting seems to contol the volume. For the last 2-3 years I've been using mostly Curlisto and some Ouidad. These don't mix with the Paul Mitchell or other oil-based stuff. But I would go back. I believe in mixing it up;whatever works.

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