difference in pictures (Gloria Reuben)

Here are two links to pictures of Gloria Reuben.



Can anyone explain to me why her hair looks different in the pictures? Does she have a twistout in one or a roller set or something?
They actually don't look all that different to me. If I had to guess, I would say that they're both wash and go hair, but the first pic has less product (maybe just a leave-in, as opposed to leave-in plus gel?). And maybe her hair just behaves differently at different lengths. Neither pic looks like a twist-out or roller-set to me.

Sheesh, her hair is so gorgeous.
There was a major difference in her hair from ER to 1-800 Missing. I assumed that she (like I think Tamera Mowry) got a texturizer. Both of them have completely different curls from the curls from the past. BUT then later I rethought it and assumed it maybe different hair products. Like maybe before they were doing a wash and go and now they actually use something to loosen their curls. The lack of volume always made me think texturizer first though.

ER: http://www.mindspring.com/~jlondon/bioreube.gif

Now: http://phatcentral.tripod.com/sitebu...ria_reuben.jpg

Tamera Mowry now: http://familleraymond.free.fr/album_...res/mowry2.jpg

And then: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionC...es/sis1-7c.jpg

Her hair looks great in all of the pictures.

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I think she twists out and uses an iron sometimes.
I love her hair in the first "In Style" pic. That's so cute.

I've also noticed a difference in her texture since the ER days. I think different lengths and styling methods may have something to do with that.
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I agree with the comments about length. I also think her hair looks different in the second picture because of the colour.
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also it could be heat damage.....I have heard from hair stylists in hollywood that the amount of heat that is used when some actresses decide to straighten with a flat iron for a special event or award show can permanently staighten and/or loosen the natural curl pattern of the hair. I heard that happened to Alicia Keyes and her curls when they straightened it for the Grammy's a few years back.
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