Pic Needed: Faux Hawk (mohawk)

i'm getting a rodset this weekend, but i'd like to switch it up...i want it pinned up into a faux hawk or a fake mohawk

but i'm having trouble finding a picture to show my stylist (while i trust her, i always like to have a pic)

has anyone tried this or a similar style...any help would be appreciated!
Here are a couple of pics:

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Click to make larger, hope this helps!

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This is my version; side and front shot
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Pic Needed: Faux Hawk (mohawk)-hawk.jpg   Pic Needed: Faux Hawk (mohawk)-img00105-th.jpg  

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I have been wanting to try this...I wanted to braid the sides and twist my hair...then take it down after wearing it for a few days...not sure how much my twists would hang at this length....gonna try it tho.

I found this on google images. Its not spiral curls, but you get the idea.
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Pic Needed: Faux Hawk (mohawk)-frohawk-1.jpg  

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thanks for the pics ladies!

i now have my faux-hawk and love it. i'm going to try it myself at home. i just have to figure out what to do w/ the front of my hair b/c right now i have a pump in the front (think beyonce "single ladies" but not as huge)

i think this will be my go-to style until i cut the rest of these relaxed end in may

it's crunch time...and boy is it getting hard
is the little girl bi-racial cuz i cant do nothing with my hair i am bi-racial moms black dads white

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