Post pictures of your 4a/4b hair

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Everyones pictures are absolutely beautiful!

Looks good QVC! Congrats on the bc!

Keep the pictures coming ladies!

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Trenell your hair is beautiful and it grows so fast.
Wow!! Beautiful hair pictures, ladies - you all look Fabulous!!! Congrats QVC!!
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Here are two pics of my 4a hair:
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Post pictures of your 4a/4b hair-nc2.jpg   Post pictures of your 4a/4b hair-nc.jpg  
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Here is mine after I tried the curly afro technique(check youtube)

Literally this is my best hair day I've ever had... and on that day I didn't like
4a/b hair that fro's more than curls!
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This is my hair today. It's a half up / half down twistout.

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pix of my three day-old twists. taken tonight. sorry the last one is a little blurry
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My Lord, these are beautiful pictures. Just love this thread!

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Everyone's pictures are SO beautiful!! I love the variety and the obvious health of everyone's hair!

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I hate you all...
Originally Posted by TLMMM
Why you hatin'? Where's your pix? Quit being shy

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I like this pic because of the weird shadow. lol

I hate you all...
Originally Posted by TLMMM
The nerve of this heffa
This is a braidout turned fro within a matter of an hour and a hair. I've given up on glycerin in the spritz. lol

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My Lord, these are beautiful pictures. Just love this thread!

Originally Posted by Fleurzty

fluerzty my mouth dropped when i saw that bun of yours. you have to do a tutorial for your blog because that is fierce!
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