henna + color rinse?

Ok, so this morning I washed out the henna and just washed out a 7hr deep conditioner. I'm really not liking this color. My skin has an orangey tone and the orangey color of the henna clashes and bit. Err, doesn't have a nice contrast I guess. This is my first treatment and I get that it's permanent but it might fade a little. I wanted to know if anyone knows (or someone can point me in the direction of web resources for info.) if it's safe to put in a color rinse or anything similar after using henna. I'm sorry if this was brought up before but "rinse" is a difficult thing to search and I'm not sure how else to word it. I'm not even sure if I'm using the right word... rinse.

And I learned a little about indigo and I think I want something that may not fade as quickly.

Kinda sad.

But oh, I didn't do the henna for the color, it was really for the conditioning benefits everyone talks about and I DO love them... I see a difference already. So I'm planning on continuing treatments given there is something safe I can use to cover the color, if that makes sense.

Thank you!

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Hold off on the rinse. The henna for hair ebook says to give your hair 4 dyas before it tones down. Also the books syas if you used pure body are quality henna, you can dye or what ever you want. As for the rinses, you may want to try cellophanes. They are hella cheap like $4-5 and you can use it like 6 times. The color lasts about a month and some of the color comes out in every wash. That was a little annoying to me but it definitly gets it done.
Hold off on the rinse. The henna for hair ebook says to give your hair 4 dyas before it tones down.
Originally Posted by afrikurl
Yup, it really does. The color you get right after a henna treatment darkens a bit over four days or so. Also, keep in mind that the more you henna, the darker the color gets as more dye gets into your hair. I started with brown hair and now it's dark burgundy.
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Thanks, ladies. I'll wait for a while to see what happens. I love how it makes my hair feel and I really don't want to stop just because of the color. It's not horrible or anything but I'm hoping it does darken!
I've heard good things about Jazzing color rinse (if you decide to rinse).
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