Trying castor oil for thinning temples


I want to use castor oil on my temples because I am seeing some thinning especially on the left side. And also the middle of my scalp is a bit sparse too.

So I diluted a bit of of castor oil in a 1/2 once jar with sapote oil ( I guess any other oil will work to thin out the the heavy castor oil) and I added some essential oils that help promoting hair growth.

Now, I need to know how to apply it? For those who use castor oil for hair thinning,what do you think would be best:

a)Leave the oil mixture overnight on the temples and middle part of hair , then wash the next day?

b) Do I apply it everyday to the temples only, and for the middle part of my hair use it the day before my hair wash routine

c) Use it everyday for both temples and middle of scalp?

d) or use it every other day for both temples and middle part of hair?

Castor oil is so heavy that I am afraid it might not let my sclap breath especially for the middle of my scalp.I have an oily scalp so I don't want to overdo it.

Of course, I will not use to much oil but using the mixture frequently might results in too much.My left edge is really sparse, so I think the temples need it intensively.

What do you think?
did you ever receive any response to your question you posted long time ago?

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